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12 roses medium stemmed


12 roses medium stemmed

*** CARNIVAL DAYS 23 - 25 FEB - AREAS EFFECTED ARE AACHEN, BONN, DORTMUND, DUSSELDORF, FREIBUG, FRANKFURT, AM MAIN, MAINZ, KOELN (COLOGNE) MUENCHEN (MUNICH) STUTTGART AND ROTTWELL AND THE AREAS WITH LEADING ZIP CODE 4XXX 5XXX 6XXX 7XXX 8XXX ***Warning - the German unit requests that 2nd choices be written in the special inst. field **** "PLANTED BOWL OF SPRING FLOWERS" IS CHEAPER THAN A PLANTED BOWL- CHECK IN IDD. USE PRODUCT CODE PL AND STATE "PLANTED SPRING FLOWERS" IN THE DESCRIPTION. Time difference plus 1 hour Same day delivery normally possible for orders transmitted from BHQ by 12 noon Mon-Fri. (9.00am Sat for Sat del) USEFUL INFORMATION:- Zip codes on all addresses wherever possible. German florists are unable to obtain signatures for proof of delivery to funerals. Doorstep deliveries are not allowed. Flowers are forbidden in intensive care units. Many shops close on Wednesday afternoons. Correct postal codes should be given on orders, as there are many locations in Germany with the same name. Most hospitals will not accept delivery of plants. Some former East German shops are closed on Saturdays. The "B.F.P.O" or British Forces Post Office box number is not acceptable to a German florist and such orders should have a proper accommodation address, town and telephone number. Florists are usually denied access to forces establishments and the recipient must collect the flowers from the security gate. Funeral flowers can be delivered to undertakers, churches and the home address. There is an Intercat selection applicable to Germany.
Code: 12RMDE
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