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This beautifully fragrant spring flower has waxy, bell-shaped florets packed densely onto thick fleshy stems.

It comes in a variety of shades from pure white and cream through to cerise pink and deep blue.
This popular spring flower will bring a lovely fresh feel to your home with its unique sweet scent.


The sweet heady scent and delicate shades of hyacinths make them a popular choice for spring brides. They look beautiful displayed in a simple vase as a table centrepiece, or will add a lovely texture when displayed amongst other spring flowers in a mixed bouquet.

Hyacinth basket
Hyacinth Bouquet
Caring for Hyacinths

Rinse and re-cut stems.

Stand in clean, fresh, shallow water and replace every other day.

Use flower food and mist flowers occasionally to prolong vase life.
Caring for Hyacinths at home
Hyacinths look lovely arranged in
a simple vase or jug.
Caring for Hyacinths
4. About the Vanda Orchid
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4. About the Vanda Orchid