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About Spring Flowers

Spring brings with it a riot of colourful flowers, making it one of our favourite seasons. Here, we look at the most popular cut flowers for spring, including daffodils, peonies and tulips and provide some helpful hints and tips on how to make the best of them.


If you like large, showy flowers, look no further than peonies, which always look fabulous in vase arrangements because of their impressive blooms. They have a sweet smelling fragrance and come in a variety of beautiful shades, making them a popular choice for spring and summer brides.


February- July

Flower Meaning


Top Care Tip

Peonies are thirsty flowers so prefer to be placed directly in water as opposed to arranged in floral foam. For best results display your peonies in a vase and make sure the water is changed every 2-3 days.

Did you know?

The Chinese city of Louyang is so passionate about peonies that it holds a festival in the flower’s honour every April.


The tulip is one of the most popular cut flowers in spring, and a hand-tied bouquet of them looks wonderfully elegant. Their blooms thrive in the cool weather, so they are in plentiful supply for spring bouquets. They’ll last for just over a week in a vase, so it’s best to buy them when they’re in bud.


October - June

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Top Care Tip

Tulips are phototrophic and will continue to move and grow towards sunlight even when cut. To minimise movement of your tulips try to display them in a spot which is lit equally from all sides

Did you know?

There are now over 3,000 different registered varieties of cultivated Tulips.


Narcissus is the proper name for the daffodil family. Like tulips, these flowers are a particular favourite in springtime because they’re so prevalent in gardens and have been immortalised in poetry by Wordsworth. Bright and cheerful, they’re perfect for giving as gifts on Mother’s Day and St David’s Day.


January - May

Flower Meaning

You’re the only one

Top Care Tip

When cut Narcissus exude a sap which can be damaging to other flowers. To overcome this, cut the stems and stand your Narcissus in cold water for 24 hours before adding any other flower varieties.

Did you know?

The Isles of Scilly pay a rent to the Duchy of Cornwall of one daffodil a year for all its uninhabited islands.


Popular due to its sweet scent, the hyacinth can really give a feeling of spring to your home. It comes in a variety of colours, from white to a rich indigo which also makes it a popular choice for Spring weddings.


November - May

Flower Meaning


Top Care Tip

Hyacinths prefer shallow water so don’t fill your vase too full. Instead change the water every other day and mist the flowers occasionally to prolong vase life.

Did you know?

In the Victorian language of flowers, the Hyacinth flower symbolizes sport or play.


This showy flower is a sure sign that spring has arrived. There are some 300 species of iris, although only a few, such as the bearded iris or Dutch iris, are used as cut flowers.


All Year Round

Flower Meaning


Top Care Tip

Irises have a typically short vase life of between 4-7 days. To prolong the life of yours recut the stems at an angle every other day and display in clean, fresh water out of direct sunlight.

Did you know?

In Greek mythology, Iris was messenger to the Gods and was used to communicate between heaven and earth.

Introducing our Designed to Order service

Be inspired by the best of the season

Flowers are at their brightest and best during spring with nature providing a vibrant colour palette that can be brought indoors to brighten up any room and welcome the garden back into your home.

As well as providing a wide selection of beautiful flowers and plant gifts in the main range, Interflora’s Designed To Order service can provide you with bespoke springtime arrangements created by expert florists based on your favourite flowers, colours, style or budget.

Take a look at some glorious examples of what Interflora’s Designed To Order service can achieve. Here, Natalie Shaw, one of Interflora’s expert florists provides some springtime inspiration with gorgeous arrangements that capture the natural beauty and vibrancy of the season...

Natalie Shaw

Natalie’s Florist, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Designed to Order Spring Basket

This beautiful wicker basket is brimming with the freshest blooms including spray roses, hyacinths, daffodils, cyclamen and amarylis - a wonderful spring showpiece for any room!

Designed to Order Ceramic Planter

This lovely white ceramic planter is a medley of colour with mini Cymbidium orchids, vibrant yellow tulips, purple eucalyptus and delicate blossom creating a striking arrangement.

Designed to Order Ceramic Spring Pots

These cute little pots are packed with spring blooms and would make great gifts or simple table decorations for a dinner party.