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  • sunflowers make the perfect uplifting gift
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  • sunflowers make the perfect uplifting gift
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Sunflower Tips

Giant Grey Stripe:

This variety of sunflower can grow up to 4.5m (15ft) tall. The heads grow to about 38cm and provide large seeds for you and the birds to snack on.

American Giant:

Giant by name, giant by nature. This type of sunflower is capable of growing up to 5m (16ft) tall because of its strong sturdy stem, so is often a high achiever in sunflower growing competitions.


If you prefer a smaller sunflower, this compact dwarf variety is just the thing. It produces stunning red and gold flowers that look fab in pots and containers.

Moulin Rouge:

This sunflower is a little bit different as it has deep red petals and a black centre, with each plant producing several heads.
sunflowers make the perfect uplifting gift

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sunflowers make the perfect uplifting gift
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