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Our expert florists can design and create beautiful floral arrangements for bespoke weddings. "The Seaside Wedding" was created by former "Florist of the Year" Francisco Orts-Martinez from Parkwood Florists in Bournemouth - for similar requirements find your local expert florist to discuss how they can help on your special day.

To give a really fresh feel a combination of pure white flowers, crystals and pearls have been used. The bouquet is a half sphere which sits comfortably in the palm of the bride's hand, a discreet handle of ribbon gives extra security. The outside of the sphere has been covered with glass beads and pearls.
The most striking base has been created for the corsage which balances neatly and securely on the bride's shoulder.

Senecio trails and two heads of Phalaenopsis link the design with the bridal bouquet while touches of black, in the tiny Viburnum berries and neatly bound stems of the orchid, complement the dress.