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One of the most popular spring flowers, the tulip is a real symbol of the season. Widely available from December to April, these cheerful flowers never fail to brighten up the home or garden.
There are many different varieties of tulip but most commonly we see either single, double or parrot varieties. As for colours, the range is huge with almost every colour of tulip being grown - some tulips are even striped or bi-coloured.

We love to use tulips in our Spring Collection each year and design bouquets and arrangements to celebrate their beauty. Choose a vase of mixed tulips for a simple yet very eye-catching arrangement, or one of the many mixed bouquets featuring tulips for a perfect seasonal gift to brighten someone's day.

Tulips are always a very popular addition to bridal bouquets and venue arrangements for springtime weddings.

They look stunning grouped on their own or as part of a mixture of other spring favourites like ranunculus and narcissi.

The frilly edged variety used in this bridal bouquet give it a really natural and rustic feel.

Easter is a popular time of year to decorate your home with flowers, and the variety of colours the tulip provides means they are always a favourite choice.

We asked one of our expert florists to create some Easter designs for the home and she chose to use tulips to create a beautiful Easter wreath, which could either be hung on a door or displayed against a wall.

Caring for tulips at Home
  • To ensure maximum vase life, re-cut the stems every 1-2 days and make sure the water they are displayed in is clean and fresh.

  • Tulips are thirsty flowers, so keep the water level in the vase topped up.

  • Like most flowers, tulips like a cool environment with a good light source.

  • If you choose to display tulips in a vase with other flowers, be sure to take into consideration that the tulips will continue to grow in the vase so you could cut the stems a little shorter to begin with.

Did You Know
  • There are over 3000 varieties of tulip.

  • Despite being the quintessential Dutch flower, tulips are native to Central Asia.

  • The tulip is the national flower of Turkey.

  • Tulip petals are edible and during the Dutch famine in WW2 people turned to tulips to eat for lack of anything else.

  • Tulips continue to grow even after being cut. They also follow the light and bend/move around in the vase.

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