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The Story of Freedom Roses
Freedom Rose Facts
  • Date of introduction : 2004
  • Stem length : 60-90cm
  • Flower colour : Rich red
  • Flower size : 9cm - 12cm
  • Characteristics : Soft buds, slow to open, dark guard petals, moderate lateral leaf growth

Red roses are synonymous with Valentine's Day, but not all red roses are equal!

For 2016 many of our Valentine's Day bouquets contain the Freedom Rose. This excellent rose variety delivers a consistently high quality product guaranteed to make an impression.
About the Freedom Rose

The Freedom rose is the result of years of plant breeding by experts, Rosen Tantau of Hamburg. Rosen Tantau have been in the rose breeding business for over 100 years and in that time have been responsible for the introduction of many of the world's best florist roses including soft peach Osiana, pure white Vendela and orange blended Cherry Brandy.

The Freedom is a type of large Hybrid Tea rose. Hybrid Tea roses generally produce only one flower per stem with each flower opening slowly from a long, pointed bud. Like many Colombian-grown roses, Freedom roses generally have softer buds than other cut roses.

Once conditioned, the buds slowly open to form a well-shaped flower with a good vase life. The large, pure red flowers of Freedom roses can have over 60 petals each, measuring upto 12cm across. They have long, straight stems with moderate lateral leaf growth, which makes them ideal as a cut flower.


Freedom roses come from the world's best growing regions in South America. Freedom roses are grown in huge commercial polytunnels high in the mountains of Colombia, where they benefit from long sunny days and cool nights. Temperatures average 21°C during the day and 10°C at night, producing the long, sturdy stems and large flower heads for which Freedom roses are famous. These enormous polytunnels utilise innovative plastic film technology to maximise the quality of sunlight needed to grow high quality Freedom roses.

This produces the characteristic soft buds and darker guard petals of Freedom roses. These high tech polytunnels also act as a pest and disease barrier, making the most of Freedom's natural disease resistance to botrytis in particular (grey mould).

To make doubly sure that Freedom roses leave the fields in top condition, each flower bud is surrounded by a plastic collar or paper bag as it grows.

Breeding the perfect cut rose

At the heart of a good rose is good breeding and It takes years of plant breeding before a new rose variety like Freedom appears on the market. The aim of any plant breeding programme is to take the very best characteristics of an individual variety and combine it with those of another to produce something even better! To try and breed a new rose, pollen from one rose variety is collected and distributed onto a flower of a different rose variety.

This is always done by hand and a rose breeder may have to make thousands of crosses every year, to eventually develop a rose good enough to sell commercially. Each cross is recorded and over the next few months the parent plant will produce rosehips full of fresh new seeds. Once the rosehips are ripe, the seeds are collected and sown in the hope that they will germinate and grow into rose seedlings.

As the seedlings grow, the breeder must try to decide which are worth keeping and growing on, based on the quality of the flowers they produce and how disease resistant they appear to be. These new roses are typically assessed over the course of five years or more before the breeder decides which ones will make good florist roses for commercial production. It can then take another two or three years for the grower to build up enough plant stock to begin selling the new rose variety commercially. In total, it takes hundreds of thousands of seeds and plants, developed and tested over many years to finally produce a good commercial rose variety like Freedom.

Why choose the Freedom Rose?

We've chosen to use this superior variety in all our red rose bouquets because it's stunningly rich colour and beautiful large flower heads are sure to create a really big impression on Valentine's Day. When cared for correctly Freedom roses also tend to have a longer shelf life than other varieties, meaning your special someone can enjoy their beautiful flowers for longer.