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David Ragg Show/Hide

About David:

David Ragg, who owns Lansdowne Florist in Bournemouth is a third generation florist and multiple RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner; having won three Gold medals in his own right and Gold for Interflora in 2010. He has represented the UK in both the Interflora World Cup and the Europa Cup and in 2000 was crowned Interflora Florist of the Year.

David's Design:

He is responsible for the design and creation of the 1940s section of the exhibit, which takes inspiration from the Dig for Victory campaign of wartime Britain. Traditional roses mixed with more contemporary blooms to recreate the look and feel of a well-loved allotment.

David said, “Hopefully the exhibit as a whole will mean different things to different people and bring back memories of each decade. When I was allocated the 1940s I spent a while thinking of different ideas before hitting on the ‘Grow Your Own' theme - it just perfectly captures that moment in time.

“There were actually a surprising amount of different flowers available in the UK then, with even orchids growing in certain parts of the country. I have tried to reflect that while also keeping things simple with lots of natural materials and textures.

“I love the challenge of coming up with ideas and bringing everything to fruition. It's a buzz wherever you are competing but at RHS Chelsea it's especially exciting - and never more so than this year. There's always something different to see and I can't wait to get started.”

About David Ragg
Steve Betts Show/Hide

About Steve:

Steve Betts, who owns Urban Design Flowers in Solihull, is a second generation florist, having grown up spending time in his parents' two florists' shops. The love of flowers certainly rubbed off and he made the natural step to open his own business 14 years ago.

Steve's Design:

Steve is responsible for the design and creation of two sections of the exhibit, the 1920s/30s and the present day. From one end of the timeline right to the other, he has been able to reflect both past, present and future in his styling.

He said, “When Interflora first approached me about the opportunity at the start of the year I didn't have to think twice - even though the task and the responsibility was a little daunting! This is when being part of a team really helps, providing support and bouncing ideas off each other.

“Without giving too much away, the Interflora exhibit really will be something quite special. We are going to take visitors through all the key decades of Interflora's 90 years and plan to evoke personal memories of favourite times, with styled interiors and exteriors, from gardens to galleries. I have designed a section for the present day and also for the 1920s, a decade which I love! Creating a snapshot of that very distinctive 1920's style reflecting the “I think that this year's RHS Chelsea Show is sure to be a true spectacle. Everyone involved will go that extra mile for the centenary year and the show gardens will surely be breath-taking. It will after all be history in the making.” geometric patterns, shapes and architecture was perfect for me.

About Steve Betts
Natalie Stanyer Show/Hide

About Natalie:

Natalie Stanyer, who owns Natalie's Florist in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire may be one of the youngest members of the team, but her talents have already led to her taking part in demonstrations in America, being awarded a Medallion of Excellence at the World Skills competition in Japan and meeting the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street.

Natalie's Design:

She is responsible for the design and creation of the 1950s section of the exhibit, which will follow a natural, muted colour scheme using natural fibres and textures along with flowers and foliage.

She said, “When I found out I would be responsible for the 1950's section, I started researching everything I could about the era, from interiors and design to fashion trends and colours. I knew that I needed to use what was available at the time as my starting point and build it up from there.

“Vintage is very popular at the moment but in some ways that has made it harder as it is not all authentic. I've tried really hard to recreate the decade as closely as possible as I really want my display to bring back memories for people.

“Everything needs to be perfect - this is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and we're going for Gold! Although I've been to Chelsea before I've never been involved in anything on this scale and I can't wait to start bringing everything together.”

About Natalie Stanyer
Janet Boast Show/Hide

About Janet:

Janet Boast owns Going Dutch in Nelson, Lancashire and has been an Interflora florist for 25 years. Over this time she has shown herself to be a highly talented florist, always on - or ahead of - the trends. In 2004 she won Gold and Best in Show at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and now works closely with the team at Interflora head office on new product development and styling.

Janet's Design:

Janet is responsible for the design and creation of the 1960s/70s section of the exhibit, which will feature both blooms that were available at the time, including chrysanthemums and carnations, as well as others that have become synonymous with the era, such as brightly coloured gerberas.

She said, “As soon as we were told the theme I had a mental image of what the 60s/70s section would look like, so I was keen to take on the styling for that part of display. I knew that I needed to include lots of bright showy colours, but also communicate the other aspects of that era - the new materials that were becoming available, and the general sense of freedom that prevailed.”

“I tried various ideas to get the right look, and ended up making my own beaded curtain, complete with mini vases, to make sure the colour and style is exactly right. This is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show after all, so I'm not taking any chances!”

“It is a big deal. Although I've been here before, there's nothing quite like the buzz of a big show or competition, and this is one of the biggest. I'm really looking forward to seeing the exhibit in situ, and being part of making it all come together.”

About Janet Boast
Morgan Nuth Show/Hide

About Morgan:

Morgan Nuth, who owns Rushes Floral Designs in Hammersmith, London comes from a family of florists - he followed his mother into the business - and has now been an Interflora florist for 12 years. His reputation and creativity goes before him: he has been the Lord Mayor of London's corporate florist for the last three years and is currently working with Interflora's product development team on new ranges.

Morgan's Design:

He is responsible for the design and creation of the 1980s/90s section of the exhibit, which uses music as its inspiration and features brightly coloured roses and carnations as well as spiky, geometric foliage.

Morgan said, “When I was originally asked to join the Interflora team for this year's show I initially had to turn it down as I was already involved with another project. However when I discovered what the plans were I begged to be released from my other commitment so I could take part. The 80s/90s section is perfect to showcase music and pop culture and the styles and vibrancy that went with that.

“I really want people to take this journey with us and I hope the displays cross the divides of age and personal experience - especially because it's not just an Interflora milestone we're celebrating but the centenary year of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show too.

“This year more than ever I feel privileged to be taking part. I think that everyone involved will want to be remembered for their work this year, of all years. I can't wait to see the spectacle and what other exhibits, projects and gardens have been designed to wow the public and the judges. There's sure to be some real show stoppers.”

About Morgan Nuth