Gosset Grande Reserve Champagne - the ultimate celebratory gift

Do you remember the first time you cracked open a bottle of champagne? The unmistakable cork pop followed by the crackling sound of the wine whooshing its way to the bottom of your glass erupting into a sparkling fizz. Then you pause to steady your hand and let it settle before you pour some more. All eyes are on you. Your face lights up as you raise your glass to toast the occasion.

The cheers mixed with the crystal clear clinks of the flutes coming together awaken the distinct sense of achievement and self-worth. Life is good!

You take a deep breath as you glance over to establish eye contact with everyone before you take your first sip. Thousands of bubbles erupt in your mouth to excite your taste buds and draw your attention to the sparkly, seductive and sweet taste of success.

Champagne celebrations

Life is full of champagne-popping moments worth celebrating and remembering. From the day you passed your driving test, the purchase of your first car, your graduation, your first home, to moving into your dream house, the job you worked so hard to get, the special birthdays, the anniversaries, the milestones and everything else in-between.

The tradition of using champagne for these special occasions can be traced back to the late 1700s when the novelty of the sparkling drink took over the European Royal Courts. Those who were lucky enough to drink it, also believed that it made a positive contribution to their beauty and wit.

Luxury status symbol

The free flow of champagne symbolises wealth and success. That's why athletes and racing drivers jump for joy and pour the precious drink all over themselves at award ceremonies and celebratory victories.

Did you know that champagne starts life as still wine? It's bottled flat and left in the cellar to age. During that time, a second fermentation occurs which causes an increase of the pressure in the bottle. So when you pop the cork that pressure is released in the form of bubbles.

It's worth knowing that not every "bubbly" is champagne. That title is reserved for only a handful of wines which are made in the French region of Champagne, following a strict process. The winemakers go through rigorous checks and assessments to maintain their status. That's why champagne is so precious and seen as the ultimate status symbol.

The perfect gift for a wow-moment

The special edition Interflora Gosset Grande Reserve is the perfect celebratory gift. It's an emblematic champagne, handmade using three varieties of grapes grown in vineyards around the villages of Epernay and Aÿ in the Champagne region of France. Once the wine is blended, it's poured into bottles which are exact replicas of the ones used 300 years ago. It's then kept in the cellar to age for five years before it goes on sale.

You can buy the Gosset Grande Reserve to toast special occasions or to accompany celebratory meals. It goes with most dishes and can be found on the tables of Michelin star restaurants across the globe.

Gosset HQ in Epernay, Champagne

Don't forget to write the date with the cause for celebration on the cork and keep it as a reminder of your achievement.  And lastly, for those luxe-lifestyle Insta shots - put the bottle in the presentation box and use it as a prop.

Top tip: To get extra brownie points, why not send this bottle of bubbly with beautiful blooms? Don't just tell them how proud you are of them, show them.

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