Our flower trend predictions for 2021

After a tumultuous 2020 we’re very excited to be looking ahead to the year ahead – but what does 2021 hold in the way of flowers? We spoke to our expert florists, who always have one eye […]

Celebrating the moments that make us stronger

If 2020 has turned out differently to how you’d expected, and you’re not where you thought you’d be right now, we're here to remind you that that’s ok! So you may not have spent lockdown […]

Revealed: the top emotions we shared in 2020

It’s been a strange year to say the least, a real rollercoaster, or maybe coronacoaster (sorry, puns have been cheering us up)! To help try and make sense of it, we’ve been reflecting on the […]

Introducing our Bouquet of the Year 2020

We’ve been reflecting on the ups and downs of 2020 (it's been quite a ride!). To try and make sense of it all, we embarked on a little research project to understand all the emotions […]

How flowers can combat loneliness

In 2020, many of us may have experienced loneliness more than ever before. The pandemic shut us off from our loved ones and we had to learn how to enjoy your own company or the […]

Send a virtual bouquet

We’re all missing someone right now and letting them know just how much has never been more important. Loneliness is on the rise, and right about now it’s never been more important to make sure […]

6 ways to a greener, more sustainable Christmas

Looking for easy ways to deck the halls sustainably this year? We've got you. Read on for our top 5 tips for a greener Christmas. Shop local Lorries packed with flowers travelling all over the […]

Why poppies are symbols of Remembrance Day

Come November, you'll notice that many coats and lapels in the UK are adorned with a vibrant red poppy ready for Remembrance Day. This important calendar event marks the day that World War One ended […]

What type of friend are you? Take the quiz to find out!

You might have seen we’ve recently revealed the secret to long-lasting friendships – but have you ever wondered where you fit in in your friendship group, officially? Our recipe says you only need five friends […]

How to recycle your Christmas tree

Spare a thought for your Christmas tree. Once adorned, admired and loved, come 6th January it will be unceremoniously stripped of its decorations and put aside for yet another year. Whether your Christmas tree is […]

Testing our recipe for long-lasting friendship

We recently spoke to 2,000 of you lovely lot and discovered that there are some key ingredients needed when it comes to achieving long-lasting friendship. One of the secrets is to have no-more than five […]

Thank you messages

One of the simplest but most appreciated things you can do is to say thank you. It doesn't matter how grand the gesture, those two words let the other person know that you appreciate them […]

The recipe for long-lasting friendship

With social distancing still “the new norm” (sigh), and many of us unsure of the last time we hugged any of our friends, we’ve carried out some research to discover the recipe for long-lasting friendship […]

Friendship milestones to celebrate

When’s the last time you told your friend how much they mean to you? We’re not talking about tagging them in ANOTHER Facebook meme or posting an awful memory pic from 10 years ago - […]

Birthday Wishes for a Friend

While we believe that you can say anything with flowers, there's something truly special about putting your thoughts and feelings down on pen and paper. Your closest friend from school, that university flatmate you connected […]

Why we must celebrate our friendships

After a decade of friendship and sometimes more than 12,000km between us, my best friends and I have had to find new ways to express how much we adore each other. They don’t need to […]

How to be a good friend in a pandemic: 5 top tips

Friendships often keep us going when times get tough, and a global pandemic definitely qualifies as one of those times. Our friends are more important than ever. The only problem is they’re further away than […]

A Guide to Grandparents' Day

Most of us celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, but what about Grandparents’ Day? Should we be celebrating the older generation too? We think yes – absolutely! Afterall they’ve spoilt us rotten over the years […]

The Language of Flowers

Was your New Year's resolution to learn a new language? Skip the Italian and throw that German dictionary in the bin, instead, try to wrap your head around the language of flowers. Sounds a little […]

Good luck messages

Whether that half marathon is on the horizon or the date is looming for that final exam, a message of good luck can give someone close to you that much-needed boost of confidence. Say it […]

Condolence Messages for a Sympathy Card

When someone close to you is grieving, it’s only natural that you want to reach out and let them know you care. Sending a bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful way to show that they’re […]

A recipe for change

So, 2020 has been weird. Lockdown life has messed up everyone’s plans, and left us wondering if life will ever get back to normal. Sound familiar? Don’t get us wrong – there were some perks. […]

How to make the most of 2020 with Sophie Cliff AKA The Joyful Coach

2020 - it hasn’t quite been the year that any of us had planned, right?! Back in January I thought this year would be filled with travel and weddings and plenty of social commitments, and […]

The year for discovering the real ME

OK, we get it. 2020 isn’t the year you were expecting it to be. The Ibiza trip with the girls turned into a cottage staycation in Cornwall, wedding season completely postponed until 2021, and you’ve […]

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