Love blossoms thanks to lockdown

Lockdown life has been tough for singletons. Pre social bubbles and outdoors-only meet-ups, many single guys and girls were having to sit alone on the couch and endure countless zoom calls with their coupled-up friends […]

Revealed: The Best Day To Celebrate A Birthday

Celebrating a birthday this summer? Prepare to feel smug because, according to our study, it's the best time to celebrate.  How can we be so sure? Well, because we asked a whole bunch of you […]

Revealed: The Worst Day To Celebrate A Birthday

Suspect you’ve been drawn the short straw when it comes to the day your birthday falls on? Then the chances are you’re a winter baby. How did we guess? Because we asked a whole bunch […]

30 Funny and Inspiring Father's Day Quotes

Dad’s teach us about life, give us inspiring pep talks and (sometimes) bring us the best jokes. So, they deserve a bit of thanks for everything they have done. When it comes to writing a […]

81 Father's Day Messages For Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let Dad know what often goes unsaid. But finding the right words can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with this handy list of Father’s Day messages […]

Happy anniversary messages to sweep them off their feet

Never underestimate the importance of pairing your thoughtfully chosen gift with heartfelt words. We don’t, especially when it comes to anniversaries. The tricky bit can be finding the right words to write. After all, there’s […]

The home-schooling florist

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know all about the current struggles of home-schooling. Trying to help your children learn in fun and exciting ways, whilst also juggling all your other adult responsibilities. So what happens […]

What working from home looks like for florists

We’ve all seen the tweets and memes about working from home but what does the nine to five really look like when you’re a florist working out of your garden shed? We caught up with […]

Quarantine birthday inspiration with Stephie Kent

It’s something so many of us will be facing on a daily basis – a birthday, big or small, spent without the family and all your besties. But, whilst our usual plans are on hold […]

How to celebrate a birthday during lockdown

Dreading the thought of celebrating your birthday during lockdown? We're on hand to change all that. Afterall, just because you're apart, doesn't mean you can't celebrate together with your favourite people. So, whether it’s just […]

How to throw a virtual dinner party with pizzazz

We've been confined to our homes for just over a month now. The desire to see our loved ones is kicking in strong. It’s really hard to be away from the people you love for […]

Welcoming A Brand-New Bundle of Joy During Lockdown: A Heart-Warming Real-Life Tale

Life as a new parent can be hard! Sleepless nights, new routines, clearing mountains of nappies every day – it’s enough for any new parent to endure, let alone during lockdown. So, with social isolation […]

Celebrating An Anniversary During Lockdown: A Heart-Warming Real Life Tale

As lockdown continues, many of us are feeling the strain of not being with friends and loved ones. Whether it’s because they’re at the other end of the country, or your usual weekly cocktails have […]

What Happens When You Buy A House During Lockdown: A Heart-Warming Real Life Tale

There are only a few times in your life when you make a truly life changing purchase. And no, we’re not thinking about those Jimmy Choo shoes or the latest Mac lipstick, we’re talking about […]

9 Cute Date Night Ideas For Lockdown

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been apart for a couple of weeks or if you’re cooped up in the house together 24/7, life in lockdown can be tough on your relationship. We get it. That's […]

5 fun ways to celebrate Easter together when you're apart

It’s usually a weekend packed full of family fun and chocolate treats – but there’s no escaping the fact that Easter is going to look a little bit different this year. Social distancing might be […]

50 examples of Sympathy Messages

Naturally when a family member, friend or colleague experiences bereavement, you will want to send some heartfelt words of sympathy – but sometimes it can be hard to know what to write. To help focus […]

How To Be Happily Self-Partnered (Regardless of Relationship Status)

Once upon a time finding your true love was deemed life’s ultimate quest, the only possible way to achieve that happily ever after. But times are changing. Now it seems more and more of us […]

5 Top Tips for Living Your Best Single Life

Single and fabulous, exclamation mark. Two decades on from Carrie Bradshaw’s disastrous New York magazine cover, can there be any doubt that being single is anything less than fabulous? We don’t think so. Even in […]

49 of the best self-love quotes

Self-love quotes can inspire us to find a new fondness for ourselves and all the quirky little things that makes us unique. More and more of us are embracing the idea of self-love, ensuring we […]

11 Brilliant Ways to Make the Most of the Leap Day

This year, we’ve been gifted with the thing we’ve always wanted – a whole extra day to do whatever we want! But when was the last time you really made the most of your down […]

Best Valentine's gifts to buy this February 14th

Did you know that we’ve been giving cards, red roses and chocolates to the ones we love on Valentine’s Day since the 17th century? The roses represent love and chocolate owes its popularity on this […]

4 Tasty Christmas Cocktails to See You Through Winter

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to get the Prosecco popping and the gin flowing. With so many recipes for Christmas cocktails though, it can be a little overwhelming.  We teamed up […]

10 Alternative Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

Ah, that annual Christmas dilemma. Just where is the tree going to go? For those of us who live in small spaces the struggle is real. You want a show-stopping Christmas tree but you also […]

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