5 Predictions for Meghan Markle's Wedding Flowers

Ever since it was announced that Philippa Craddock would be designing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding flowers, we’ve been speculating about the designs, flower varieties and trends that could take centre stage on their big day. From what flowers Meghan will carry down the aisle to the arrangements that will adorn St. George's chapel, here are our top wedding flower predictions for the upcoming royal wedding.


It came as no surprise when, last month, Philippa Craddock revealed that peonies would feature prominently within the wedding designs. Meghan previously declared her love for the blooms on Instagram and said how they make her “so endlessly happy”. She also revealed she had felt #spoiledrotten when Harry sent her pink and white peonies shortly after they began dating.

Sharing the benefit of his expertise Interflora florist Steve Betts from Urban Design Flowers in Birmingham said; “It’s similarity to a rose in full bloom makes the peony a much sought after wedding flower, especially during the spring and summer months. Not only that but the flower itself represents romance and prosperity and is believed to bring good fortune and a happy marriage, what better choice then for Prince Harry and his bride Meghan?”

We predict Meghan's wedding bouquet will be full of her favourite flowers - peonies.

But what of the other flower choices? Well, Steve believes that, as Meghan looks to embrace all things British, the bride to be will opt for quintessentially English blooms.

“As well as peonies I wouldn’t be surprised to see Meghan choose other cottage garden classics such as blousy roses, foxgloves and hydrangeas. Her Instagram is full of beautiful English flowers and she seems to be a big fan of the country garden look. This will almost certainly be reflected on the day.”


There is no doubt that Prince Harry will want to find a way to honour his mother’s memory on such a significant milestone. One way the couple could do this is through their choice of wedding flowers. It is rumoured that Prince Harry has asked for white roses to be cut from the Princess Diana’s private gardens at Kensington Palace so they can be incorporated into the designs.

Commenting on the rumours Steve said: “Flowers sourced from Princess Diana’s private gardens would be a truly poignant touch. The couple could also look to include some of the many flowers varieties from roses to clematis that were named in Diana’s honour.’


Despite now being sixth in line to the throne, thanks to the birth of his nephew Prince Louis in April, royal protocol will still play a huge part in Prince Harry’s wedding and this could influence everything down to the flowers carried in the bride’s bouquet.

Steve explains, “Myrtle has been used in royal weddings for centuries so I’m sure this will feature somewhere among the bride’s flowers. A sprig is traditionally cut from the same bush that was included in Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet way back in 1840. Besides its historic associations with royal brides, myrtle also symbolises love and fidelity so is again an apt choice for newlyweds.”


Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan are a thoroughly modern couple so while we’re sure they will observe royal tradition, we wouldn’t be surprised to see their personality reflected within the floral designs too. Steve predicts that the bride could break from royal protocol by choosing a more informal style of bridal bouquet.

“Traditionally royal brides have opted for wired bouquets but I think Meghan may break the tradition and opt for the very on trend hand-tied style, if the design of her dress allows it of course! Rather than being very placed and technical, like the Duchess of Cambridge’s neatly constructed bouquet, this style lends itself to a looser, more informal arrangement, which seems to suit the royal couple’s easy, down to earth ways.

“For this reason I would also expect to see a departure from the traditional flower content. Whereas royal brides such as Kate Middleton, Lady Diana Spencer, and Camilla Parker-Bowles chose dainty blooms such as Lily of the Valley and stephanotis which require careful wiring onto bouquet holders, the large-headed blooms which Meghan tends to favour are much more suited to the hand-tied style.”

Will Meghan break with royal tradition and opt for an on-trend hand-tied style wedding bouquet?

And what of the colour of the flowers? The traditional colour palette for royal weddings is crisp white or pale creams so will Meghan and Harry follow suit? Steve thinks we may be in for a surprise.

“I predict that Meghan will be more willing to experiment with colour than past royal brides. I could see her finding a way to echo the latest floral trend this spring by choosing seasonal colours such as blush pinks, soft lemons or peach. A suggestion of colour but nothing too bold."

Meghan Markle wedding bouquet flowers
A more colourful bouquet of blush pinks, peach and lemons would be a departure from the traditional white colour palette.


When they tie the knot on 19th May, all eyes will be on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle so one thing’s for sure every aspect of their wedding day needs to look picture perfect. Their wedding flowers will play an important role in setting the tone for a regal celebration and Steve predicts that St. George’s chapel will be dressed to impress.

Steve told us: “When Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge married they chose to decorate the aisle of Westminster Abbey with an "avenue of trees". It appears that Harry and Meghan are also choosing to follow suit and will dress their wedding venues with seasonal and wildflowers supplied by the Royal parks.

“As well as dressing St George’s Chapel and Hall with beech, birch and hornbeam trees I believe the couple could personalise their designs with flowers and masses of foliage and mosses which will hug the floor of the chapel, broken only by the height of foxgloves, to balance the height of the tree branches. And if they wanted to inject a new twist to their design, they could always choose to extend the floral designs outside the church with the addition of a large floral arch, which is really on trend at the moment.”

St. George's chapel where the couple will wed will be elaborately decorated with flowers.

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