The November Birth Flower

There’s a birth flower for every month and those born in November can claim the colourful chrysanthemum as their own.

First cultivated in China in the 15th century BC, this popular cut flower has amounted a mass of fans from around the globe - and with good reason. Its long vase life and cheery demeanour make it a joyful addition to bouquets and flower arrangements.

The versatile bloom takes its name from the Greek ‘chrys’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘anthemon’ meaning ‘flower’ and is most likely a reference to the fact that all chrysanthemums were originally yellow in colour. Today, the flower comes in a whole host of different shades ranging from orange to pink and green, each one with their own symbolic meaning.

Generally speaking a bouquet of chrysanthemums carries positive associations of friendship and well-wishing and is thought to bring good luck and joy into the home. In Japan, the flower is so revered it has a special day dedicated to its honour. Chrysanthemum Day, also known as the Festival of Happiness, is celebrated every year on 9th September.

When looking for the perfect birthday flowers in November, ask your florist to include a few stems of chrysanthemum. Not only will they add texture and flair into the design, they're also a lovely way to pay tribute to someone with a November birthday.


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