Scarlett Curtis on Flowers That Empower

I’ve never received flowers from a man who was romantically interested in me. I actually only realised this as I was writing this blog and it’s also not something that makes me remotely sad. My life has been full of beautiful flowers; on birthdays and before hospital visits and sometimes ‘just because’. My life has been full of beautiful flowers and they’ve all come from my beautiful friends.

When I started compiling my book Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & other lies the idea was to publish a collection of stories about what feminism means to a new generation of young and powerful women. This book isn’t a feminism ‘how to’ guide, nor is it an academic history of the feminist movement (there are plenty of books about that and lots of them are brilliant!). This book is a bouquet (see what I did there) of personal essays by a group of incredible women who are all trying to understand how the F word fits into their lives. Feminism is a complicated and diverse movement and it’s also something that often gets misunderstood or misinterpreted. Our goal with this book is to try and debunk some of the lies we’ve been told about who is and isn’t a feminist and to try and convince a generation of people that maybe ‘a feminist’ is something they might want to be to.


The contributors in the book range from world-changing activists (Dr. Alla Murabit, Trisha Shetty, Emi Mahmoud) to Hollywood actresses (Kiera Knighty, Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan) to fictional characters (Bridget Jones!). I’m also incredibly proud that there are ten teenage girls who have written for the book, all of whom understand feminism and activism in a way that is innate and natural and wonderful. All the royalties from the book are going to an incredible UN foundation charity called Girl Up and four of their incredible teenage girl leaders have also written essays in the book which are almost my favourites of all 52 contributions!

When we got the chance to partner with Interflora on this book launch my heart quite literally fluttered. Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & other lies is all about smashing the stigmas that society has told us about what it means to be a feminist and I’m ridiculously proud that we’ve gotten this chance to also smash a stigma around what it means to send flowers. Gone are the days when a bouquet of roses was reserved for those who happened to have a partner on Valentine’s Day. Flowers may be the language of love but in my life ‘love’ is by no means a category exclusive to romance.

I love every woman in this book with a passion that knows no bounds. Whether it’s from knowing them personally, working with them on campaigns or simply reading their words in this book. They are all strong, brave and powerful and if I had it my way they all deserve flowers every single day.

Our Interflora x Feminists Don’t Wear Pink ‘Flowers that Empower’ bouquet are NOT for sending to your boyfriend (there are plenty of other amazing Interflora bouquets that you can use for that). They are for sending to the strong, trailblazing women in YOUR life that you think deserve flowers no matter the day and no matter their relationship status. They are for sending to yourself (if you’re having a bad day) or to your mum (if you want to thank her for quite literally birthing you) or to your best friend. Pop them in a vase (or an empty wine bottle if you’re anything like me and forgot to buy a vase), put them on your bedside table and wake up to a little reminder that you are loved.

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