What is September's birth flower?

If you were born in the early autumn month of September then you likely know that you're a Virgo – or a Libra if your birthday falls after the 22nd – and that your birthstone is the regal blue sapphire. But do you know what your birth flower is?

Birth flowers work much in the same way as zodiac signs and birthstones. They're said to represent your character in some shape or form, so those born in June are likely passionate and loving with the rose as their birth month flower while December babies can be defensive, with the prickly leaved holly as their assigned birthday flower.

With this in mind, here we've taken a closer look at September's birth month flower, what it's said to represent and how it came to be the chosen bloom for the ninth month of the year.

What is the birth flower for September?

The aster is the birth month flower for September. This dainty, purple flower blooms in late summer and early autumn and grows in neat clusters that can be cut and enjoyed in a vase in your home. Slim, delicate petals fan out from a bright yellow heart – these stunning flowers could be mistaken for daisies if it weren't for their huge variety of attractive colours.

Asters originate in North America but can also be found growing across Europe and there are around 250 species of this flower currently being enjoyed around the world.

What do aster flowers mean and represent?

The aster flower's name comes from the Greek word for ‘star’ and reflects the story of the Greek goddess Astraea.

In the tale, the goddess was so sad about the lack of stars in the sky that she wept. Her tears fell to the ground below and, magically, aster flowers sprung up in their place! The flowers' leaves were also burned in ancient times to ward off serpents – although we prefer to simply feature them in pride of place in a vase.

Asters are also associated with wisdom, which is interesting as a study in 2012 discovered that people born between September and November are apparently more likely to live to see their 100th birthday! It's safe to say, with a century under your belt, you'll certainly be considered wise.

How to give asters as a birthday gift in September

If you have a close friend or relative who celebrates their birthday in September, an aster is a perfect gift.

You can buy asters in decorative pots that your loved one can enjoy in their home to brighten up the place or the plant can be moved to the garden flowerbed to create a pretty blanket of purple as autumn draws near. Alternatively, take cuttings from an aster plant and wrap these in brown paper and twine for a rustic but beautiful bouquet.

Need a gift for a September birthday? Take a look at our range of birthday flowers here with a range of seasonal offerings to enjoy.

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