Hydrangeas: Your Ultimate Guide

The fluffy-headed hydrangea is a firm favourite of ours. Coming in all sorts of colours, these beauties add impact and texture to any bouquet, or even make a great statement arrangement all by themselves. Not […]

Dahlias: Your Ultimate Guide

Darling dahlias, with their perfectly tidy petals that come in almost all colours of the rainbow, have fallen in and out of fashion over the years, but we’ve stayed loyal to these beautiful blooms. They’re […]

Floristry revealed: Summer flowers

Summer is here and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for long golden evenings and lots of ice cream. But even if the sun doesn’t always get his hat on, gorgeous summer flowers should still be […]

Floristry Focus: Steve Betts on Spring Flowers

Spring is here (if only the weather would get the memo!) and brings with it the promise of lighter evenings, sunnier days and some of our favourite stems. Think golden narcissi, tulips that continue to […]

The best Easter flowers

Easter is a celebration of rebirth and renewal, and we don’t just mean the endless renewal of chocolate. In Christianity, Easter marks the return of Jesus; it’s a time for new beginnings. And that applies […]

Our Top 10 Green Flowers

What do you think of when it comes to the colour green? New life. Health. That bag of spinach in the fridge that's calling out your name every time you open the door but you […]

Feeling Mellow: Our Favourite Yellow Flowers

Ah, the sunshine colour, just the thing for brightening up dreary days and bringing joy into the house. Good thing nature has given us a wealth of yellow flowers in all sorts of shades, from […]

Alstroemeria: The Ultimate Guide

With topsy turvy leaves – they grow upside down! – and gorgeous delicate flowers, we're big fans of alstroemeria. Alstroemeria is a staple in many a bouquet these days and it's not hard to see […]

8 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Valentine’s Day Roses Fresh

If you’re the lucky recipient of Valentine’s Day roses this year, you'll want to enjoy them for as long as possible. That means learning a few tricks of the trade to help keep them looking their blooming […]

Understated Valentine's Day Flowers

Want to get your partner a little something for Valentine's Day but aren't quite ready for that all-singing, all-dancing bouquet of roses? Or perhaps you just want to show your friends a bit of love […]

Amaryllis: The Ultimate Guide

You can keep your poinsettias and your sprigs of mistletoe, this year we're all about celebrating the amaryllis – the ultimate, underrated festive flower. These gorgeous red flowers are the perfect way to ring in […]

Our guide to Chrysanthemums

Considered to be one of the most popular flowers in the world, second to roses, of course, chrysanthemums are so much more than a padding flower in a bouquet. This fluffy, vibrant bloom speaks volumes, […]

How to care for a poinsettia

For those of us who just can't get enough of Christmas (hey, we also think it's totally acceptable to start blasting out Wham! mid-November) the poinsettia plant is the perfect first step to sprinkling a […]

Why poppies are symbols of Remembrance Day

Come November, you'll notice that many coats and lapels in the UK are adorned with a vibrant red poppy ready for Remembrance Day. This important calendar event marks the day that World War One ended […]

Our favourite flowering plants for your home

There are so many benefits to filling your home with plants – and the fact they add to the decor is just one of them. These green-leafed beauties can also boost your mood, increase creativity […]

Think Pink: Our Favourite Pink Flowers

In this post everything is just peachy, as we run through a lovely list of pink flowers and what they mean. From gentle coral tones to vibrant magentas, there’s pink everywhere in the world of […]

How to care for aster flowers

Mysterious and ethereal, aster flowers are always a beautiful choice for your home, garden or as a surprise bunch of blooms to get in your partner's good books. Their star-shaped flower heads make us want […]

What is September's birth flower?

If you were born in the early autumn month of September then you likely know that you're a Virgo – or a Libra if your birthday falls after the 22nd – and that your birthstone […]

The World's Most Beautiful Flowers

What you consider to be beautiful may not quite match up to another person's expectations, but when it comes to flowers it's safe to say they're all contenders.  If we were to set up a […]

11 of the most stunning autumn flowers

Hold onto your knitwear and get the pumpkin carving kit out. Autumn is almost here, with its gorgeous colour palette of deep reds, burnt oranges and mustard yellows. There’s the enticing scent of pumpkin spice […]

The Top 10 Types of Exotic Flowers

Put down the peony and step away from the sunflowers. While their pretty petals create a striking statement in any flower bouquet, it's time to indulge in something a little more exotic. From the delicate […]

Peonies: your ultimate guide

Peonies. They’re the most fashionable flower around. And what’s not to love? They’re the Cara Delevingne of the flower world. Instafamous, super stylish and just a little bit sassy. Read on to find out more […]

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