Your Wedding Budget - How to Save Some of Those Pennies!

Weddings are expensive. Fact. If you’re a bride on a budget get savvy and save money on your wedding day with these top tips.

Make a budget (and stick to it!)

Sounds obvious right? You’ll be surprised how many couples fail to agree a budget before they start planning their wedding day. Determining what you can and cannot afford to spend early on will help keep costs in check. Between the two of you, decide how much money you want to spend on each element of your special day prioritising the things which are most important to you. If your heart is set on a designer wedding dress or a flower wall to rival Kim Kardashian, for example, you may need to scrap the canapés or DIY your wedding cake. Weddings, like marriages, are full of compromise.

Guest List

Decide how many people you really want to invite. Would you prefer a more intimate wedding or a larger affair? If you’re happy to have just your nearest and dearest celebrate with you don’t feel pressurised into extending the invite to relatives you haven’t seen for goodness-knows-how-long. It is your day after all. By being conservative with the guest list, you’ll save money not just on food but on invitations, table centrepieces and wedding favours too.

Skip Saturday

Saturdays are the most popular day to tie the knot and therefore the most expensive too. If you want to save money, avoid bank holiday weekends too. Many venues offer a heavy discount on mid-week weddings. Why not choose to get married on a Friday and have the rest of the weekend to enjoy with your family and friends?

Go off peak

The summer months are generally considered the height of the wedding season, so you could save costs by booking a late autumn or winter wedding. Ask your prospective wedding venue if they offer reduced rates for an out-of-season wedding. Sure, the weather might not be as dependable but there’s nothing more romantic than a cosy winter wedding.

DIY Wedding

From making your own wedding favours to having a dessert table rather than the traditional wedding cake, there are plenty of ways you can add DIY touches to your wedding. Not only is this a great way to cut costs, it can also add a personal touch to your wedding day. What’s more activities like making your own wedding invitations and decorations for the venue are great for bridesmaid bonding in the run up to the big day.

Child Free Wedding

This choice is for some wedding couples, but not for all. Deciding to have a child free wedding will save you quite a bit on your budget. Although venues do offer reduced prices for children, they still add up. If you are not overly eager to have children within your family at the wedding this could be a good option for you. I’m sure their parents will enjoy the night off!

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