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Germini (Mini Gerbera) are an incredibly popular cut flower, due to their cheerful demeanour and versatility when used in flower bouquets.
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From yellow and orange to pink and white, this simple daisy-like flower comes in an array of bold colours and is available all year round, making it the florist's friend.


Belonging to the Gerbera genus and the same family as daisies (Asteraceae), Germini can have a diameter of up to 7cm in size and are available in lots of different varieties. These pretty flowers are native to South Africa with a large distribution from Madagascar to tropical Asia and South America.

The meaning evoked by the Germini is largely related to that of the Gerbera (its sister flower), and ranges from innocence to purity and cheerfulness, depending on the colour of the flower.

Care Tips

  • Re-cut stems at an angle and place in clean, fresh, shallow water.
  • Use flower food, as Germini are vulnerable to bacteria, so ensure all vases and containers are kept clean.
  • Keep out of direct heat sources, as they prefer cooler conditions.
  • Also keep them away from fruit, as the gas used to ripen fruit will harm them.
Expert tips, from expert florists.

Did you know?

  • Germini is the fifth most popular cut flower in the world.
  • They're a very popular choice of flower for weddings and other special occasions because of their cheerful demeanour.
  • It's a tender perennial plant, which attracts the likes of bees and butterflies during the warmer months.

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