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The Iris is said to be the flower emblem of France to which the fleur-de-lis was modelled on and was the symbol of the French monarchy. This iconic shaped flower takes its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
From chic Paris to cutting-edge Marseille, laid-back Toulouse, to artistic Lyon and beautiful Nice, Interflora makes it simple to send flowers to France. Our experienced florists draw on 90 years of expertise to create floral arrangements that really show how much you think of someone – picking only the highest quality, freshly cut blooms.

To send flowers to France, remember:
  • For same day delivery, you need to place your order by 3pm (Mon-Fri) and 1.30pm on Saturday.
  • With funeral flowers, include the time and place details with your order, such as the church, the graveyard chapel or a cemetery and/or a contact phone number.
  • When sending flowers to hospitals and clinics, please remember to include the ward and room number.
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