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The national flower of Italy is the Lily which symbolically represents refined beauty and purity. The different meanings are based on the type and colour of Lilies. The name lily comes from the Greek word 'leiron' which referred to the white Madonna lily that is believed to have grown out of the milk of the goddess Hera.
Our florists can deliver stunning arrangements across the length and breadth of Italy. Why not send a bouquet of seasonal flowers to historical Rome, or a contemporary arrangement to stylish Milan? From Naples to Turin, and Palermo to Genoa you can be sure our Interflora florists will hand deliver your gift with a smile.

To send flowers to Italy, remember:
  • Your order can be delivered on the same day if we receive it by 3pm (Monday to Friday) and before 10am on Saturdays.
  • Our florists are unable to deliver to campsites, airports and military bases, harbours, ships, hospitals and cemeteries.
  • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery on Sundays and holidays.
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