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Floral Jewels Collection
Each gift is hand-crafted using only the freshest flowers. Your flowers will be accompanied by
a stunning gem necklace incorporating the special birthstone of your chosen month.

Celebrate someone's special day in style with a unique and meaningful gift from the Floral Jewels Birthstone Collection.
The Birthstones
January Birthstone - GarnetJanuary - Garnet
We've chosen exquisite dark pink cymbidium orchids and luscious red roses, creating a bouquet that perfectly complements the fiery tone of the garnet. The garnet has been thought to protect the wearer from nightmares, keep them safe during travel and offer guidance through the dark. This birthstone bouquet is sure to impress.

February Birthstone - AmethystFebruary - Amethyst
To really capture the deep, royal colouring of the Amerthyst and its pale lavender hue we've selected the prettiest roses and complemented their delicate lilac shade with luscious greenery. The amethyst has been thought to bring the wearer tranquility, protection and peace.

March Birthstone - AquamarineMarch - Aquamarine
The shimmering colours of the aquamarine birthstone range from palest blue to deeper, darker royal blue, so for this bouquet we've chosen blue iris and added more delicate, lighter coloured agapanthus. The aquamarine has been thought to bring the wearer love, hope and health and to protect those at sea.

April Birthstone - Clear QuartzApril - Clear Quartz
With clear quartz as our inspiration, we've created this sophisticated arrangement which has an elegant simplicity all of its own. Luxurious white Avalanche roses and exotic cymbidium orchids are used for their natural, eye-catching purity. Clear Quartz has been thought to amplify and transform energy and as such is a very powerful tool for both healing and magical purposes.

May Birthstone - EmeraldMay - Emerald
Combining the incredible beauty of orchids and lisianthus, this celebratory bouquet is inspired by the incredible lustre and beauty of emeralds. Here, the softly emerald hues combine with lush greenery for a look that's both subtle and dramatic. Once thought to give the wearer improved health and the ability to see into the future, the emerald had been given an intriguing and bewitching reputation.
June - Pearl Moonstone
These classic pearly white Vendela roses and magnificent Avalanche roses have been carefully hand-tied to create a beautiful rose bouquet that will make their birthday feel special. These roses emulate the delicate sheen of this beautiful gem. Pearl Moonstone is believed to have the power to bring victory, health, and wisdom to those who wore it.
July Birthstone - RubyJuly - Ruby
Like the exotic ruby birthstone, our celebratory bouquet comes in a glorious shade of fiery red. For extra impact, we've included eye-catching Naomi roses. Their lavish red petals make for a very dramatic presentation - and a perfect centrepiece for a birthday table. The ruby has been thought to bring the wearer love and passion and was once believed to be a source of supernatural power and protection.
August Birthstone - PeridotAugust - Peridot
The summery green shade of the peridot gave us the perfect inspiration for this radiant and colourful arrangement. To reflect the beauty of this gem, we've chosen these striking Anastasia chrysanthemums and pristine white cymbidium orchids. The peridot has been thought to bring the wearer protection against unfortunate events and was once believed to possess healing properties.
September Birthstone - SapphireSeptember - Sapphire
Reflecting the glittering colour of the cool, eye-catching blue sapphire, we've created a vibrant bouquet of white Avalanche roses, sprinkled with blue glitter, hand-tied with ruscus and palm leaves. These stylish blooms are striking in colour and form. The sapphire has been said to represent faith, purity and foresight. It was thought that the stronger the sparkle of the gem, the more faithful and honest the wearer.
October Birthstone - OpalOctober - Opal
As one of nature's most opulent gems the opal flashes with a breathtaking array of rainbow colours. Designed in it's likeness, this beautiful bouquet contains leucodendron, Vendela roses and blue agapanthus, to reflect a kaleidoscope of colour. The result is a luxurious gift which really captures the shimmering essence of October's birthstone. The opal was once thought to possess healing properties. The opal is also believed to represent friendship and strong emotion.
November Birthstone - CitrineNovember - Citrine
To reflect the lustre of this beautiful gem, we've chosen an eye-catching display of yellow Top Sun roses and Davidson germini. With their vibrant petals, these exquisite roses evoke the true colour of the citrine crystal. The citrine has been thought to bring the wearer good cheer, strength and a long life.
December Birthstone - TanzaniteDecember - Tanzanite
We love the deep blue of the stunning tanzanite gemstone as it seems to match perfectly the colours of these blue agapanthus flowers. Like the birthstone the agapanthus has a wonderful richness and depth of colour. Tanzanite is believed to be a calming stone and is said to enhance composure and harmony, brining success, clarity and vision.
transparentWarning: Choking hazard. This gift contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years

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