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Our Heritage
Becoming "the Flower Experts"
Although we survived the war the reality was that the art of floristry had suffered greatly. The enormous loss of life had meant a significant loss of talent. Many of our remaining florist shops had fallen into new hands and were being run by inexperienced, albeit enthusiastic, florists.
Concerned that the new florists in our network may be falling short of the exceptional standards we championed, we arranged for a talented florist to be flown over from the US to share his expertise and superior design skills.

We held workshops all over the country and more than 10,000 Interflora florists across Britain attended these inspiring demonstrations.
An Interflora florist shop is rebuilt after the war
From here on, training and demonstrating became an integral part of our identity. Even today we hold regular floristry competitions to ensure that our florists remain at the forefront of floristry design. Indeed, the brilliant creative skills and extensive knowledge of all our florists gives us license to be recognised as 'The Flower Experts'.
Training and demonstrating became an intregal part of our identity
By the end of the 1950's the hard work had all paid off. Interflora had become a byword for excellence and expertise in floristry and was really flourishing both at home and abroad.

In fact, the success was such that we had to introduce our very own currency - the Fleurin - to simplify currency calculations when sending orders abroad.
We introduced our own currency in the 1950s
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