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Our Heritage
Fifty Years of Flower Power
Our florists bought bold and beautiful
designs to the high street
In the sixties flowers became more fashionable than ever. As flower power swept the nation, our florists up and down the country were bringing bold designs and high-fashion flowers to the high street. As the decade wore on, flowers gained a new importance as a symbol for peaceful opposition to war in Vietnam.
We enjoyed a big occasion of our own in the seventies. 1973 marked our fiftieth anniversary, and we celebrated with a jubilee lunch at London's Cafe Royal.

The venue itself was carefully chosen - fifty years earlier it had been here that our founder members held their very first meeting. And in honour of the occasion, we even served the same lunch menu - steak and kidney pudding.
In amongst all the nostalgia, our fiftieth year was as much a time for looking forward. Our celebrations brought together - for the very first time - Interflora florists from all over the world. Showcasing our incredibly diverse network, florists attended from Africa, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany and New Zealand. It was a clear sign of just how successful we’d been in expanding around the world.
Success did bring with it problems of a different nature. For the first time, we faced the challenge of competing with new copy-cat flower delivery services.

A campaign was devised to remind customers that 'only the best florists belong' to Interflora. We knew that to hold our position as market leaders, we’d have to go that extra mile for our customers.
Despite significant growth we still
maintained a personal touch
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