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Flowers and Folklore

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spacer For some people, flowers aren't purely decorative, they are an essential part of magical rituals. With Halloween on the horizon, we take a look at some of supposed magical properties of our favourite flowers.



Bay leaves are thought to have string magical properties. If you write wishes on the leaves and then burn them, your wishes may come true. Or you can place them under the pillow to supposedly induce prophetic dreams.

Carrying a bay leaf is also thought to guard against black magic.

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If you are feeling a bit short of cash, honeysuckle supposedly draws money and success to people. Witches place honeysuckle flowers around green candles or use the blooms in charms and sachets to attract money.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is the flower to plant if you want to attract magical folk to your garden. It is sometimes called Fairy Cups as the blooms look like tiny glasses. Married couples should also plant a Lily of the Valley in their garden to promote a lengthy union.


Sunflowers are traditionally used to transform negative energy and cleanse a space. The bright yellow flowers are also used to remove jinxes, so if you think your neighbour has hexed you, get planting!


Iris is commonly used in love spells. It is thought to be good at digging into people's subconscious and uprooting what they really feel. People have been known to blow powdered iris onto their loved ones' clothes and sheets so that their love is returned.


Crocus is supposed to promote strength. If you rinse your bedding in an infusion of saffron legend has it you will grow stronger as you sleep. It can also be used in spells for love, friendship, settling disputes, peace and divination.


If you are lacking inspiration, burning a carnation is thought to enhance creativity. They are also commonly used in strength and healing spells.

Floral Superstitions

There are a lot of superstitions surrounding flowers. Have you ever blown a dandelion to see what time it is or held a buttercup under someone's chin to see if they like butter? Here are a few other floral superstitions:

1 - If you plant flowers on "Green Thursday" (the day before Good Friday), you will get all kinds of colours blooming.

2 - Plant flowers in the full moon and they will grow beautifully

3 – Growing sunflowers will bring you luck

4 – If you want your roses to flower, plant them on May 25th

5 – Giving someone a fern is a sign you are giving them sorrow.

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