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Discover more about our extensive range of flowers and gifts available for delivery almost anywhere in the UK.

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Flower Packaging
Designing your own floral gift
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Flower Packaging

All gifts arrive beautifully presented for maximum impact on arrival with your personal message displayed on an attractive greeting card.

  • Florist delivered gifts will be wrapped in beautiful Interflora wrap and pretty ribbon and presented in a smart Interflora gift bag.
  • Courier delivered flowers will be wrapped in beautiful wrap with a pretty ribbon and delivered in a stylish Interflora gift box. The impact of the flowers can be seen as soon as the box is opened.

Our Hand-tied bouquets are all delivered in a water bubble to keep the flowers fresh.

Designing your own floral gift

Our Design to Order service

One of the most enjoyable ways to create a new bouquet is through our design to order service. It allows us to produce truly bespoke arrangements that are specific to your requirements and everything you could wish for.

Occasions, colours, styles and types of flowers are some of the elements to consider when you are having a personal gift created using this service. You can either speak in person to one of our advisors or order online.

Once you have placed your order our expert florists will lovingly create and deliver your gift with the care and attention it deserves.

Using our Site Search

If you're looking for gift with a particular colour or type of flower then it might be worth trying our search service. Simply type what it is you are looking for into keyword field and then click the 'search' button, both of which are located at the top right of each page:

Product Search Diagram

Alternatively you can contact one of our expert advisors, who will be happy to discuss your exact requirements. Contact us on 0844 453 5600 (or from outside the UK on 0044 (0)1529 41 6665)

Our opening times are:

Monday - Thursday 07.00 - 22.00
Friday 07.00 - 21.00
Saturday 08.00 - 19.00
Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy your gifts as much as we enjoy making them for you! You can get some tips and care advice from our expert florists with our Flower Care Guide.

Here is a summary of the simple steps for maximising flower longevity:

  • When arranging you flowers fill your vase half to two thirds full with lukewarm water, this helps closed buds start opening.
  • Take care when un-wrapping a Hand-Tied bouquet as it is delivered in a water bubble to keep the flowers fresh.
  • Arranging your flowers in cold water should be avoided as this can significantly reduce the longevity of your gift. Do not put flowers in metal or aluminium containers, glass is ideal.
  • Keep your flowers in cool location, away from draughts, direct heat or sunlight. Once unwrapped, your flowers may take up to 24 hours after being placed in water to reach their full potential.
  • Strip off all excess foliage and leaves below the water level to reduce harmful bacteria within the water. Bacteria can block the stem and stop the flowers taking up the water.
  • Cutting Stems:
    • Flowers like their stems trimmed. So, trim them at an angle with a knife (or very sharp scissors) by an inch or so. When trimming always cut at an angle of roughly 45 degrees; this increases the surface area allowing your flowers to absorb more water. If a rose starts to droop at the head, re-cut the steam, wrap the head in paper to support it upright and plunge 5cms of the stem into boiling water for 30seconds. Cut the stem again and place in deep cold water for two hours. Feeding Every Interflora order is accompanied by a sachet of cut flower food which will encourage buds to open and help to prolong the life and beauty of your flowers.
  • Top up regularly with water and flower food, removing any fading flowers.

Care tips for Arrangements:

  • Ensure the floristry foam used in arrangements is moist and topped up daily; this helps prolong the life and vibrancy of you arrangements

These care tips are brought to you in conjunction with the Flower and Plants Association.

Finishing Touches

Many of our floral products have the option of adding an extra gift to your order. We have a range of fine chocolates, Champagnes, wines, teddy bears and balloons that compliment our hand-tied bouquets. A glass vase can be included with your purchase too. This will ensure your recipient can display their flowers as soon as they are received.

These items are available for deliveries to the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland (except sympathy orders) after you have selected your floral item.

All these wonderful extras can be selected from the finishing touches page. This page will be presented to you once you after you have selected your chosen gift.

* Please note that Finishing Touches are only available with selected courier delivered gifts.

Personal message to accompany gift

You can add your own personal message with every gift you send by using the gift message field on the Delivery Information page (Step 2 of the order process).

Gift Message Diagram

Your message will be displayed on a stylish gift card and will be presented with your gift.