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Well-being through flowers and plants

It’s no secret that plants have numerous health benefits and these are well-documented when it comes to the ones we eat. But did you know, just by having plants in your home, they can help improve your health? Certain indoor plants help to improve the air quality, as well as helping your blood pressure and heart rate. Plants also help to reduce stress and the act of tending to plants can be a perfect way to practice mindfulness. Having beautiful cut flowers around the house can also aid your mood. Choose calming blue and purple hues, known for soothing the mind; you could even add some Eucalyptus to stimulate the immune system.

Our Mindfloral collection has a selection of plants and flowers that contain properties known for their health benefits. Whether it’s for you or your loved one, send a little good health and be more Mindfloral.

We constantly hear about the importance of our mental health, but we rarely take a minute to ourselves to switch off and be in the present moment. We could all do with a little more mindfulness in our lives, and that’s why we have launched Mindfloral, to help us all take a step back to appreciate the little things we often overlook in life.

Mindfloral is a weekly series, exclusive to Interflora’s IGTV. Each Monday we will be sharing experts’ top tips in a number of different areas, including yoga, flower-picking and we even got hold of some adorable puppies.

Healing Power of Flowers:

From meditation and gardening, to flower-arranging and sleep; we’ve put together a whole bunch of fresh ideas to promote everyday mindfulness, using the healing properties of flowers and nature.

Focusing on the beauty in the everyday – helping to reduce stress, improve happiness, and get you out into nature a little more.
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Gardening Therapy with Kirsty Ward:

After suffering with problems with her own mental health for the past two years, Kirsty talks about how important it is to look after her wellbeing, and how gardening has helped do that.

Take a look at how a little allotment plot soon became Kirsty’s way of changing the way she was feeling and thinking.
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