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Sunday 31st March

mum (n.)

Teacher, listener, doctor, chauffeur, baker,
banker, chef, peacemaker, friend, superhero.

At Interflora, we think every mum is a Supermum.

It’s one of the toughest jobs in the world; the hours are long, you’ll never get a promotion, and most of what you do goes unnoticed. Some days you won’t get time to eat, you’re unlikely to ever have a full night’s sleep, and you don’t get to take any holidays.

...All of this you’ll do for no pay, but ask any mum in the world and she’ll tell you that motherhood is also the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

Here at Interflora, we want to celebrate the amazing job that mums do and demonstrate how much we appreciate their daily sacrifices, by highlighting the multitude of different jobs they carry out in a single day – from chauffeur to teacher, cook to cleaner. Not only that but we’ve worked out exactly how much they should get they paid if ‘being a mum’ was a recognised job role!