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Our expert florists can design and create beautiful floral arrangements for bespoke weddings. "Vintage Couture" has been created by Kate Ward from Louise Florist in Scarborough - for similar requirements find your local expert florist to discuss how they can help you on your special day.
It's nice to know that there are some adventurous brides who are choosing to move away from the traditional white wedding dress in favour of something more unusual and individually styled. It follows that these brides will also be looking for something a little different for their wedding flowers.

The choice of colours and the flowers reflect the material in the dress and the textures of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, where the tartan comes from.
A contemporary bouquet set against the background of a tartan rich in tradition. Delicate heads of muscari and hydrangea have been glued onto the frame together with pieces of snake grass and lime green birch twigs.
This stately design took inspiration came from the bride's dress. Ornithogalum heads, freesia buds and lime green beading reflect the detail from the willow green and ivory satin corset of the bride's 17th century inspired dress.
Crystal Blush Zantedeschia decorate the outside of the cone, bound with Typha grass and ribbon and there is the unusual addition of Staghorn Fern used both on the outside and inside of the design.