Send flowers to Singapore

Send flowers to Singapore from the UK and deliver a token of your love across the length of two continents. Show relatives you’re thinking of them during holiday periods, or in the run-up to a big birthday or celebration. Whatever the occasion, flower delivery to Singapore lets them know you care.

How to send flowers to Singapore

To send flowers to Singapore, just:

  1. Choose the perfect flowers for the occasion. We have bright bouquets, fresh-cut flowers, leafy plant combinations and rounded wreaths.

  2. Sign in to your account and add the recipient’s details – we need a name, contact number, and address in Singapore.

  3. Set the date for your floral delivery.

  4. Add your preferences. If the recipient lives in a high-rise apartment, such as an HBD residence, you might need to add extra instructions for your driver.

  5. Personalise the bouquet or arrangement. Find an occasion from the drop-down menu and write a message to let them know you care.

  6. Head to the checkout. We’ll process your order and take care of the rest.

If you’re sending a get-well-soon message, it’s worth noting that many hospitals in Singapore don’t allow flowers on wards – so you might prefer to deliver to your loved one’s home address instead.


You might send flowers to Singapore to mark an expat’s housewarming celebrations, let someone who moved away know you’re thinking of them, celebrate a birthday or religious holiday, or send congratulations for a graduation or anniversary.

There are almost 50,000 British expats living in Singapore. A flower delivery from Interflora is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face, even from far away.

We have a great network of local florists across Singapore. It means that as soon as we receive your order, our experts in Singapore will get to work on creating the perfect arrangement before delivering it to your chosen recipient. Your loved one gets fresh flowers, and you get the confidence of great quality without the air miles.

Often send flowers abroad? Enjoy unlimited free international delivery with our Interflora Premium Delivery Pass.