Send flowers to Estonia

Spread a little love to friends and family in Europe and send flowers to Estonia from the UK, with Interflora. Our international delivery service provides an easy way to show that you care. Choose from our selection of stunning bouquets and arrangements, and you can be there in spirit to celebrate with friends from Tallinn to Tartu. With flowers delivered to loved ones in Estonia and ordered from the UK, you never have to miss out on important moments.

How to send flowers to Estonia

Whatever the occasion, Interflora can help you send flowers to Estonia in a few easy steps:

  1. Browse our selection of hand-picked bouquets arranged by our talented team of local florists in Estonia.

  2. Select the perfect bunch for the occasion from our wide selection and add this to your basket.

  3. Fill in the recipient’s details, including their full name, local contact number, and address.

  4. Pick a convenient delivery date that works for the recipient. If there are any special instructions to ensure a successful delivery, add them here.

  5. Select the occasion and personalise your chosen bouquet with a thoughtful message – we have lots of inspiration on our blog.

  6. Add your payment information and then checkout.

  7. Once your order is processed, our expert florists in Estonia will get to work crafting your chosen bouquet and delivering it on your behalf.

To send flowers to Estonia, please bear in mind:

  • We can’t deliver on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or legal holidays.

  • We’re unable to guarantee that your flowers will be in a vase or that your roses will be in a box.

  • Deliveries to prisons are not possible.

  • Orders to hotels, hospitals and ships will be delivered to the reception desk.

  • You must always include a local telephone number with your order. Our local florists in Estonia will only use this phone number if there is an issue with your delivery.

  • If you’re ordering flowers for a funeral, please include the name of the deceased and a phone number of a relative or friend in case of last-minute changes to the funeral service.

Estonia FAQs

When you can’t be in Estonia, sending flowers shows you care. Whether you have long-distance friendships or family across the globe, Interflora makes it easy to stay connected with those you love. And thanks to our flower delivery to Estonia, you can still celebrate any occasion from afar, from birthdays to weddings to funerals, wherever you are in the world. Our network of local florists in locations such as Tallinn and across Estonia will lovingly prepare your chosen bouquet and deliver it straight to your loved one.

Show that special someone they’re on your mind by sending flowers to Estonia. With Interflora’s international delivery service, you can send flowers to locations throughout Estonia without fuss, extra air miles, or an excessive carbon footprint. We work with an extensive network of talented florists in Estonia to prepare your chosen bouquet or arrangement.

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