Send flowers to Mexico

Flower delivery to Mexico from the UK has never been easier with Interflora. Whether it’s a gift for a friend in Tijuana or a sibling getting their degree in Mexico City, we deliver all over Mexico. Our expert florists ensure you will be pleased with whatever arrangement you select. Our bouquets are handled with the utmost care and come in a stunning array of colours and combinations.

How to send flowers to Mexico

Whatever the occasion, sending flowers to Mexico with Interflora is a seamless process:

  1. Select your favourite arrangements of flowers, like a Shades of Purple Bouquet for your mum on Mother’s Day.

  2. Fill in the recipient’s details (name, phone number, and postal address)

  3. Pick a delivery date that suits you and your special someone, as well as any specific delivery instructions.

  4. Personalise your gift by adding a caring message with your selection of flowers.

  5. Purchase your flowers. Our expert florists will handle the rest.

At Interflora, we are acutely aware of how long-distance delivery can harm our planet. That is why we source our flowers locally. Your order will arrive as fresh as possible without a large carbon footprint. You can show appreciation for the ones you love in a heartfelt and environmentally-conscious way.

Please note that flowers in hospitals are at the sole discretion of the hospital, so please seek local guidance on whether they are allowed. For example, some hospitals do not allow patients to place flowers at a hospital bedside due to water spillage and the possibility of broken glass.

For same-day delivery, order by 5 p.m. (Monday to Friday) and before 3.30 p.m. on Saturday. We can't guarantee delivery on Sundays or legal holidays.


Sending flowers to Mexico is a great way to show you’re thinking of someone from afar. Maybe you want to reach out to an old friend in Guadalajara, or you have a niece or nephew celebrating their quinceañera or quinceañero. Whatever the reason, say it with flowers with Interflora.

As well as being internationally renowned for our global delivery service, Interflora is famed for the ethical manner in which we approach deliveries. We source our flowers locally, supporting the local economy and avoiding a large carbon footprint in the process. The planet gets our support, and our customers get the freshest flowers supplied by experts from each country.

Often send flowers abroad? Enjoy unlimited free international delivery with our Interflora Premium Delivery Pass.