How to Make a Christmas Wreath

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Nothing is guaranteed to get you more in the Christmas spirit than an afternoon spent wreath-making so get together with friends or family over a mince pie and have a go at making your very own door decoration. In this easy-to-follow tutorial we show you how to make a Christmas wreath that’s sure to brighten up hearts and homes over the festive period. Would rather leave it to the experts? Take a look at our Christmas wreath collection.

EXPERT TIP: Personalise your wreath by choosing flowers, colours and decorative accessories that complement your Christmas décor. If you want to achieve a certain style such as vintage or traditional, ask your local florist to recommend stems that will help you create the look.


Soak the wreath ring in water then place on a protected work surface, ready to get started.


Next you will need to create a hoop to hang your wreath from. To do this create a loop using florist’s wire and attach securely to the back of the foam wreath.

How to make a Christmas wreath

EXPERT TIP: When working on your wreath, remember that this will be the top of the design


Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut off pieces of spruce approximately 7 inches in length and remove the pine needles from the bottom inch of each sprig. Next start to frame the foam wreath with the cut spruce, inserting each sprig at a slight angle and working in a clockwise fashion so that all the branches point in the same direction. Repeat with the eucalyptus until the surface of the wreath is well covered and there are no gaps where the foam is visible.

How to make a Christmas wreath

EXPERT TIP: To reduce the cost of creating the wreath why not see what seasonal foliage you can forage from your own garden?


Cut the stems of the chrysanthemums and roses short and at an angle and insert into the foam. Then add the waxflower, hydrangea, trachelium flowers and thistle in the same way, ensuring that you spread them evenly around the wreath.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath how to

How to make a christmas wreath

How to make a wreath

EXPERT TIP: Try grouping clusters of two or three flowers together for visual impact.


Now it’s time to get really creative and accessorise your wreath! In keeping with the country garden style, we’ve chosen to add whimsical twigs and lotus seed heads into this design, however you could choose to add in non-floral decorations such as baubles, bows or dried fruit. Whatever finishing touches you choose for your wreath ensure everything is securely attached to the design using florist wire.

How to make a festive wreath

How to make a festive wreath

How to make a festive wreath

Christmas wreath tutorial

Now your wreath is ready to display!

EXPERT TIP: Keep your wreath looking fresh by regularly misting it with water. If being displayed outside, you’ll need to keep an eye on the weather and bring your wreath inside overnight if a frost or particularly cold spell is forecast. In this case it is best kept in a garage or shed – never indoors where the central heating could cause blooms to fade prematurely. If kept in the right conditions the flowers and foliage should be long lasting, however you can always replace any blooms as they get past their best.

lilac Christmas wreath

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