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When did you last stop, completely switch off and just be? We live in a world where we rely way too much on our thumbs, and we scroll our way through the day, one social media channel at a time. We’re so used to reaching for our phones, and while we are glaring at our screens, we’re missing so much around us.

Mindfloral is a new video campaign by Interflora, exclusive to IGTV. Each Monday we will be sharing a new video, featuring an expert in an area which will help us all to be a little more mindful. Whether that is getting out in the garden, arranging flowers, eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, practicing yoga, or watching very cute puppies play together, there really is something for everyone.

Mindfulness is something we could all do with and these short videos will inspire you to take time out of your daily routine and just focus your thoughts and feelings on the present moment. We spend far too long worrying about things that have happened or what might happen.

Self-care, self-love, mindfulness, wellness…these are all things we hear daily, but do we apply it to ourselves? So many of us spend our days rushing around in the daily grind and we find ourselves making excuses when it comes to looking after our mind and body. Don’t have time for the gym, haven’t got enough hours in the day to fit in some meditation…you name it, we have an excuse for it.

Think about this though; if a stranger asked you for one minute of your time, you’d give it to them, right? So why wouldn’t you give yourself a minute? Top tip if you need to claw back some time for yourself; have a look at your screen time on your smartphone – it may be quite frightening! But that’s where you’re going to find all that time you don’t have.

As part of Mindfloral, we have also labelled up some products which contain properties known for their health benefits. Give the gift of wellness to a loved one, or in keeping with the theme, love yourself!

So before you put the phone down, head over to our IGTV and check out our Mindfloral series;

  1. First up, our award-winning florist, Charlotte, out in the garden taking in the scents, colours and textures – Mindfloral: Flower Picking 
  2. Next in the series, our yoga expert, Emily, talks about why connecting our body and mind can help us to experience being present in the moment – Mindfloral: Yoga
  3. If you love puppies, this is the video for you! 1:23 minutes of cuteness this way – Mindfloral: Puppies 
  4. Allotment owner, Kirsty, tells us how gardening therapy helped with her wellbeing – Mindfloral: Gardening
  5. Nutritionist Amanda explains how we can boost our health by using the most natural elements – Mindfloral: Nutrition
  6. Our award-winning florist, Charlotte, talks all about how flower arranging can be the perfect activity to practice mindfulness – Mindfloral: Flower Arranging 
  7. Amanda rells us how meditation can help to increase our focus and bring awareness to the present moment – Mindfloral: Meditation 
  8. A cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind, so listen to Rachel’s top tips on organising your home – Mindfloral: Declutter 
  9. The quality of our sleep affects our wellbeing, so a peaceful night’s rest is very important. Amanda shares her top tips for a better night’s sleep – Mindfloral: Sleep

We hope you love the series and manage to take some time for you!

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