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Motherhood Stories: Katy

26th May, 2024

Number three in our series of films embracing the messy magic of motherhood is Katy’s story. To find out more about why we went trawling for different motherhood stories, and watch the other films, start here.

Chris wanted to say a real thank you to his partner Katy this Mother's Day.

The pair live in North Yorkshire and Katy has had to adjust to becoming mum to Chris’s two children from a previous relationship.

Chris praised Katy for taking on so much, and for how she goes out of her way ‘to give all of herself to us’. He was wowed by how seamlessly Katy seemed to slip into being a parent, acknowledging it must have been a huge challenge.

Katy meanwhile shared how she loves how the kids bring out her inner child (tree-climbing anyone?!) and that they never call her a stepparent. She said it’ was a ‘turbulent’ first year getting used to her new role, but now she has a wonderful relationship with the kids – and they’re quite happy playing pranks as a terrible trio on poor old dad!

Chris and Katy2