Floristry Focus: Mother's Day Blooms

Any chance we get to spend a little time with our florists is a real treat so we were very happy to chat with Janet Boast, from Going Dutch in Nelson, Lancashire to talk about […]

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Mum's are the superheroes of the world. The late-night feeders, the knee patcher uppers, the secret keepers and the one person you know you can turn to, no matter what. That's why we're all about […]

The Best Flowers for Mother's Day

You might know that our florists choose only the freshest flowers to go in each bouquet, but did you know they also pay attention to the symbolism of each bloom? Every flower comes with its […]

Flowers for new babies

Fresh, beautiful flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate a new arrival. But what sort of blooms are fit for the occasion? We think the perfect bouquet doesn’t rely on outdated stereotypes – blue for […]

All about Galentine’s Day

You’ve heard of Valentine’s Day, but have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It’s the day before cupid’s big to-do and it’s all about celebrating the wonderful women in your life. We know there are plenty […]

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

Valentine’s Day in lockdown is definitely going to be a little different. Landing right in the middle of more coronavirus lockdowns, by the time Cupid pays a visit many of us will have spent months […]

8 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Valentine’s Day Roses Fresh

If you’re the lucky recipient of Valentine’s Day roses this year, you'll want to enjoy them for as long as possible. That means learning a few tricks of the trade to help keep them looking their blooming […]

Understated Valentine's Day Flowers

Want to get your partner a little something for Valentine's Day but aren't quite ready for that all-singing, all-dancing bouquet of roses? Or perhaps you just want to show your friends a bit of love […]

New Year Wishes

For many of us, this new year could not arrive faster. We're ready to clink those glasses, light those sparklers and sing Auld Lang Syne, as 2021 rolls in! If you're considering sending a bunch […]

New Year Celebration Ideas for 2020

With COVID-19 proving to be the unwanted NYE party guest that just won’t leave, celebrations to see in 2021 will be a little different to normal for most us. But different doesn’t need to mean […]

Our favourite last minute Christmas gifts

Whether you’re a Santa with a spreadsheet or a last-minute shopper, there always seems to be one gift that gets away. That’s why having a last-minute gift (or three) up your sleeve is very handy. […]

The Twelve Plants of Christmas

This Christmas, we're going to need all the joy we can get. So, reignite that cheeky love for mistletoe with a sprig in your doorway, feature a more unusual Christmas cactus on the coffee table […]

The Scottish Thistle: A Symbol of St Andrew's Day

Some may wonder why Scotland chose a humble weed as their national flower but this prickly bloom offers more than meets the eye. The thistle is thought to be one of the oldest recognised national […]

How different countries celebrate Christmas

Are you eager to get the tree out the loft and sing 'All I Want for Christmas' until your Spotify account is taken away from you? Maybe you're baking gingerbread and making plans to visit […]

Christmas gift ideas for her

Michael Bublé has finally emerged from his hideout, the adverts are telling you to indulge in all things naughty (before U-turning by New Year and begging you to join a gym) and you're still wondering […]

Christmas gift ideas

Whew, 2020. What a year it's been. For many of us, clinking the champagne glasses to celebrate the end of this year could not come sooner, but before we can sing Auld Lang Syne at […]

13 of the best real flower Christmas wreaths

Decorating your front door with a Christmas wreath is an essential Christmas ritual – on par with open air ice skating and sharpening your elbows for the Boxing Day sales. Need some festive inspiration? Take a […]

How to make a real flower Christmas wreath

Making a real flower Christmas wreath is a fun way to spend a winter’s afternoon. Get the whole squad involved, throw in some mulled wine and you’ll have that festive feeling (not to mention an […]

How to make an eco-friendly Christmas wreath

Want to make this Christmas your most sustainable yet? We’ve got you. In this Christmas tutorial we’ll show you how to make an eco-friendly Christmas wreath that’s as easy-on-the-eye as it is kind-to-the-planet. Not only […]

DIY Pumpkin Flowers for Halloween

Want to take your pumpkin from the so-so to the oh-so-instagrammable? Just add flowers! Pumpkin vases and flower arrangements are trending right now and they're so easy to make - all you need is a […]

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Planning a spooky soirée this Halloween? With these outside-of-the-box decorating ideas, we’ve all the inspiration you need to bring a little grown up glamour to the proceedings. Painted pumpkins Painted pumpkins are trending on Instagram […]

A Guide to Grandparents' Day

Most of us celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, but what about Grandparents’ Day? Should we be celebrating the older generation too? We think yes – absolutely! Afterall they’ve spoilt us rotten over the years […]

Flowers and Gifts for Diwali - the Festival of Lights

Celebrated by millions of people in India and across the world, Diwali is one of the most popular festivals on the Hindu calendar. It's associated with fireworks, lights, vibrant colours and elaborate artistic patterns made […]

Gosset Grande Reserve Champagne - the ultimate celebratory gift

Do you remember the first time you cracked open a bottle of champagne? The unmistakable cork pop followed by the crackling sound of the wine whooshing its way to the bottom of your glass erupting […]

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