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When is the Best Day to Celebrate a Birthday?

23rd July, 2018

Think all birthdays were created equal? Think again! Our research has pin pointed the best and worst day to celebrate a birthday and it could all come down to the weather forecast or how close your special day falls to pay day. Let us explain...

If you're a winter baby you may have long suspected that you've drawn the short straw when it comes to celebrating your birthday. As anyone born around Christmas or New Year will know, encouraging people to come out and celebrate can be tough going. Everyone's broke after the festivities, starting their January detox or reluctant to step out into the cold. You may have even been unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a joint Christmas / birthday present (NOT cool!).

On the other hand, spring and summer birthdays seem to get all the glory. The weather is great, there's a raft of bank holidays, and the optimism of the holiday season is in evidence everywhere you go.

All sounding a little far-fetched? Lets look at the facts.

We’ve painstakingly analysed and ‘scored’ the birth dates of more than 2,000 Brits, with a multitude of factors such as the chance of sunshine, the proximity to payday, and the average number and value of presents received, all of which are inputted into an algorithm which judges how good (or bad) a particular date is.

Take a look at some of the highlights here:

  • The BEST birthday date emerged as July 28th – due, in-part, to the likelihood of fantastic weather, its closeness to payday, as well as the “feel-good” summer factor!
  • The WORST birth date emerged as December 16th - due, in part, to its proximity to Christmas, cold weather, and likelihood of it getting forgotten with all the festive celebrations. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Noel Coward and Jane Austen all have birthdays on 16th December.
  • Across the board, the summer months were rated as ‘best’ for birthdays with people most likely to rate June (60%) as the optimum birthday month, followed by July (59%) and August (53%).
  • Conversely, the people most disgruntled with their birth date were those born in December (16% confirmed they were ‘unhappy’), followed by January (15%) and November (11%).
  • Those born in July are least likely to have their birthday forgotten by others. Meanwhile, October emerges as the most forgotten birthday month!
  • People born in July are more likely than any other month to receive high value gifts (with an average spend of £116). This is compared with the lowest amount of £74 in December.

We know that birthdays are what you make them. They are all special, no matter what day, week or month they occur on.


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