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Lizs Motherhood Story

Motherhood Stories: Liz

22nd April, 2024

The last star in our series of films embracing the messy magic of motherhood is Liz. To find out more about why we went trawling for different motherhood stories, and watch the other films, click here.

This is Liz's story, who was nominated by her daughter Rachel – who thinks Liz's capacity for looking after others is something truly special.

Rachel has three little ones, and Liz doesn’t bat an eyelid with helping out – something Rachel is truly grateful for when two of her kids have additional needs (and another showed up far earlier than planned.) Rahcel said “she always will do anything to help and will support everyone” – sounds like we could all do with a Liz in our lives!

Not only this, Liz and Rachel are business partners and work together as florists at Take A Leaf Florist in Stamford Bridge. Which means they won't get to enjoy a a nice relaxing Mother's Day with their families this weekend, as they'll be spending long hours handcrafting and handdelivering beautiful bouquets to lots of other lovely mums, which they say is rewarding in itself - what superstars!