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Flowers for Men

Who says you can't send a man flowers? Celebrate the men in your life, with a gorgeous hand-crafted bouquet delivered to their door from one of our artisan florists.


Flowers definitely aren’t just for women – why should men miss out on beautiful blooms? So whether it’s for an occasion or you just want to show him how special he is, we’d be glad to help with flowers for him.

Stuck for which blooms to go for? We like to match the blooms to the man. Go for a bright bunch if he has a bouncy, bright personality, or opt for soft pastels if he’s a little more laidback. And of course you can always leave it up to our talented florists to decide, they’re experts at crafting surprise showstopper bouquets.

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Flowers for Men FAQs

Absolutely! Flowers are a versatile and thoughtful gift that can be appreciated by everyone, including men. The key is to choose blooms that align with the recipient's preferences and personality.

When selecting flowers for men, consider their tastes and preferences. Bold and vibrant flowers like sunflowers, gerbera daisies, and orchids are often well-received. Additionally, more masculine related colors like deep blues, purples, and earthy tones can enhance the appeal.

Flowers can be sent to men on various occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to promotions, graduations, and get-well wishes. Additionally, sending flowers "just because" is a great way to brighten their day.

Choosing flowers associated with the recipient's birth month can add a personal touch to the gift. Similar to birthstones, each month is associated with specific flowers, and selecting the appropriate bloom can be a meaningful gesture.