The birthday surprise of a lifetime

To celebrate the best day to have a birthday, we decided to give one lucky member of the public, born on the 28th July, the birthday surprise of a lifetime – in this case, 29 year-old Disney fan and children's party organiser, Katy Carmichael.

Organised secretly in conjunction with her close friend, Sarah, Katy well and truly had a birthday to remember, as she visited the city's West Quay Shopping Centre in Southampton. The events began as Katy came across a giant mystery box, filled with birthday balloons. She was then surprised with a 'guerrilla' fairy tale song-and-dance flash-mob. However the biggest surprise of all came when Katy's fiancé – a serving Marine – turned up in a magical horse-drawn pumpkin carriage and whisked Katy and her family and friends off for a special afternoon tea fit for a princess!

Katy said: "I just couldn't believe what was happening to me. I was planning a quiet day, and was meeting my friend for a coffee. However, that soon changed and before I knew it I was surrounded by dancing princes and princesses, and was sitting in a horse drawn carriage with my closest friends and my husband-to-be. Thanks to Interflora, this really has been the best birthday ever!"

Bethany Day, Brand Manager for Interflora, says: "At Interflora, we're dedicated to helping people make life's most important occasions as memorable as possible. The 28th July – which according to our research is the very best day to be born on – presented an opportunity for us to really have some fun and treat one unsuspecting member of the public to the ultimate birthday surprise. However, it's important to remember, all birthdays are special, no matter what day, week or month they occur on!"

The Best Birthday Ever

How good is your birthday?

Birthdays are great. It's your chance to be a star for the day, with all your friends and family coming together to celebrate in your honour. Presents, parties, flowers and cake, you name it. However, we know that not all birthdays were created equal, at least when it comes to the date on which they fall.

Let us explain...

As anyone born in or around December or January will know, encouraging people to come out and celebrate can be tough going. The weather is miserable and everyone’s strapped for cash. Not only that, but for some reason, friends and family think it is acceptable to send a combined birthday/Christmas present!

It’s no surprise therefore, that our research revealed that 16th December is the worst day to celebrate a birthday. In fact, all birthdays falling in the winter months fared badly in our survey, with bad weather and the buzz around Christmas all contributing to job of distracting from people’s special day.

On the other hand, spring and summer birthdays did rather well in our survey. The weather is great, there's a raft of Bank Holidays, and the optimism of the holiday season is in evidence everywhere you go. In fact, our data shows us that the very best day of the year to have a birthday is on the 28th July.

This is down to the fact it’s near pay day, it’s the summer holidays, and there’s a great chance that the sun will be shining to make your day even better! In fact, all birthdays in July ranked highly, so it is officially the best month to be celebrate a birthday.