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Spring Calla Lily

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Spring Calla Lily
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Channel the spring sunshine with this bright and beautiful yellow calla lily. We're big fans of the scalloped sky blue pot too.

The pot is 13.6cm across and 12.6cm high, and the calla lily should be between 37 and 45cm tall.

> The calla might need a drink when it arrives if the soil is dry
> Pop it somewhere out of direct sun, but with lots of natural light
> Don't let the compost dry out, but don't go overboard on watering
> Keep it happy by removing any dead or fading flowers and foliage
> Once its done flowering, give it a breather: pop it in a cool, dark place for a few months, then put it back in the light and start watering again

Their calla lily will arrive looking lovely, thanks to our specially designed packaging. We'll cover the cost of delivery too.