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Beautifully Simple White Rose Bouquet


Created by a local florist
Handcrafted bespoke just for you
Made fresh on the day it arrives
Personally delivered by hand
Order by 3pm for the florist to deliver today
Beautifully Simple White Rose Bouquet
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Gift description

The pure joy of white roses, perfectly arranged. Minimal, chic, stunning.

This bouquet is part of our Beautifully Simple range – a collection of minimalist bouquets that celebrate elegance and understated beauty.

About their white rose bouquet

> It's handcrafted
A local florist will choose each white rose before handcrafting them into a gorgeous bouquet.

> It'll stay fresh for 7 days
Anything less and we'll put it right.

> It'll arrive in planet-friendly packaging
Packaging as chic and minimal as the blooms, and fully recyclable.

> It includes a little card
Just let us know your message

> It'll arrive looking exquisite
No arranging needed, the florist will take care of it.

Designed by our local artisan florists

MUST CREDIT Pixies-Florist-Addlestone

Pixie's, Addlestone


Marley Flowers, Surrey


Florian, Hove


De Bloemist Van Nederland, Glasgow


Flowercraft, Newent


Branching Out, Retford

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