Ruth Jones on friendship, connection and her new book

We love celebrating friendship at Interflora (usually by sending gorgeous blooms). The friend who’s always there for you, the friend who always gets your jokes, the friend who always brings chocolate – what would we do without them?

So when we found out the inimitable Ruth Jones had written a new book exploring female friendship, we definitely wanted to find out more. We had a chat with Ruth about Us Three and what friendship means to her.

We asked Ruth...

Can you give us a brief description of your book, Us Three?

Us Three is a tale of a friendship between three Welsh girls – Catrin, Lana and Judith – that spans four decades and is tested to its limits by life’s events. Having sworn on a Curly Wurly wrapper at the age of eight to always be there for each other, the three friends grow up to realise such a promise isn’t so easy to keep…

The theme of friendship is very strong in the book, what made you want to write about friendship?

I’ve been very blessed in my life to have enjoyed good, strong friendships – life-long friends who have been with me through all of life’s trials and tribulations. Having written what was essentially a love/relationship story in my first novel Never Greener, I wanted to explore a different arena, and female friendship really appealed to me.

What aspects of your own life helped inspire this story?

I guess knowing the friends I’ve known in my life – I’ve dedicated the book to ‘my bold and beautiful bad weather friends’ because it’s the friends who are there for you in the bad times who are really worth their salt. I also took inspiration from being a teenager in the eighties and enjoyed a little trip down memory lane. Plus Lana being an actress provided rich pickings for me, being an actress myself.

Is there anything readers can hope to learn from your book?

I hope that there’s a sense of forgiveness in the book. And reconciliation. I hope that the three friends demonstrate these qualities.

Why do you think friendship is so important?

I think all connection in life is valuable – whether it be with your family members, your friends or your cat! Connection is what nurtures our humanity I think, helps us empathise with others and imagine what they’re going through. Connection keeps us growing, keeps the heart ticking and friendship is a wonderful form of connection.

What is your favourite way to connect with a friend?

Well you can’t beat seeing their smiling face – preferably in person, but in these recent times, video calls have been priceless. I have a group on WhatsApp called The Merry Maymakers – three of my oldest friends and my sister. We have good fun connecting on there, but I can’t wait to see them all again in the flesh and have a good old natter.

About Ruth Jones

Best known for playing Nessa Jenkins in BBC smash hit Gavin and Stacey, which she co-wrote with James Corden, Ruth is a multi-award-winning actor and writer. As well as collecting awards and BAFTA nominations, her debut novel, Never Greener, sold over a quarter of a million copies and was a Sunday Times best seller for fifteen weeks.

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