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When words aren't enough, count on a local florist to tell your story.

Finding the right words is hard. Life is complicated, confusing, so we hit ‘like’ or send an emoji instead. Sometimes words just don’t seem enough. How do we share all we want to with the people that matter most?

That’s where we come in. Because when words fail, our florists don’t. They handcraft bouquets that say all that’s left unsaid, that tell your story in all its beautiful detail, that share just how you feel.

These are flowers that say more.


Handcrafted to tell your story

Their bouquet is made by hand because we want to do justice to what you need to say. Care, skill and thought goes into crafting flowers that are full of meaning.


Made local to mean more

We’re a network of 1000 florists, and every bouquet is made locally. Why? Because it takes local knowledge and human compassion, to craft exceptional bouquets that do justice to the people sending and receiving them.

Meet our florists

Each florist is a bit like a translator. They take the occasion, plus your message, plus any little details you’ve shared, and translate them all into an exquisite bouquet that says all you need it to, and more.


Saying more, made easier

We can deliver the same day, next day, and in over 140 countries. All to help make sure life, or distance, doesn't get in the way of saying what you need to.


Say Happy Birthday

Bespoke birthday blooms, handcrafted and personally delivered by a local florist to make their birthday feel even more special.


Last minute magic

Order before 3pm for a same day delivery that means more.


Don’t ever be lost for words

Say more and more and more with an Interflora delivery pass.