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"I enjoy experimenting with different materials and textures, but in a way that puts the emphasis on the true beauty of plants and flowers."


My career began 25 years ago, studying ornamental plant gardening at the Magyar Gyula Vocational School in Budapest. Thanks to my fantastic teachers, I was introduced to the world of competitions early on, entering my first at Floralia in 1997 where I could let my imagination soar. My admiration and devotion towards the discipline is thanks to the work of Kata Imre, whose unique material use and surprising style captivated me. My time working with her has had a large impact on my work to this day; I cannot be thankful enough for her world view towards plants and love for flowers.

I enjoy experimenting with different materials and textures, but in a way that puts the emphasis on the true beauty of plants and flowers. In my work I aim to use materials that align with a sustainable environment. I find mentoring and aiding the next generation of florists a very crucial part of our job. I am very proud of my students who gained immense disciplinary knowledge and are able to succeed in this wonderful profession.

I love many flowers, but if I had to highlight one, I would say the dearest one to me is the King Protea. I had the opportunity to see this flower in its native environment in South Africa. It inspires me to supply my customers with the most exceptional variety of flowers in my boutique.

There are many movie and music video productions in Hungary, which have given me the opportunity to work with various celebrities including Melissa McCarthy, Cate Blanchett, and Depeche Mode to name a few.

I have participated in many different competions, mostly placing first or second.

Career Highlights

One of my proudest achievements is doing the flower arrangements for the Hungarian Opera Ball, which was the amazing result of intense planning and teamwork, and I was lucky to work on this project twice in a row.

And I have to say, my flower boutique, which after a lot of hard work found its final place, and is only possible with the continuous support of my wonderful customers throughout the years.

Hobbies and Interests

I love being inspired by music, fashion, traveling and attending exhibitions.

What inspires your competitor's style and floral designs and why?

I adore contemporary art and take inspiration from many of my florist colleagues. Experiences, colours, and smells from my travels also show up in my later work.
I consider myself a sensitive person, I find that even the smallest shimmers of the world that surrounds us affect and inspire me.