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6 ways to a greener, more sustainable Christmas

12th November, 2020

Looking for easy ways to deck the halls sustainably this year? We've got you. Read on for our top 5 tips for a greener Christmas.

Shop local

Lorries packed with flowers travelling all over the country from a central distribution centre = lots of emissions (and not a particularly nice journey for blooms either). If you want to send flowers this Christmas you can cut down your bouquet's carbon footprint by shopping with us. We send your order to an independent florist close to your loved one so not only will you be supporting your brilliant local high street, you'll be protecting the planet all in one go. That’s sure to put you on Santa’s nice list.

Choose a (really) green Christmas tree


Real Christmas trees are the best and greenest option for a more sustainable Christmas. Come Twelfth Night, don’t kick yours to the kerb – replant or recycle it instead! If you bought a tree that has been grown in a container or potted with its roots intact, it’s entirely possible to replant it in your garden (or a bigger pot) once the festivities are over. Not only is this an environmentally friendly way to recycle your Christmas tree but it also means that next year, you can bring it inside and enjoy decorating it all over again. If you bought a felled Christmas tree (or don’t wish to replant your potted one), you can still recycle it by chopping it up and putting it in your garden waste bin or taking it to a local recycling facility. Check your local council’s Christmas tree recycling scheme by visiting their website - most will offer a local drop off or collection point for unwanted trees.

Reduce, re-use and recycle


When you’ve unwrapped your Christmas gifts (and recovered from being wowed) make sure you recycle the packaging. Or go one better and re-use it! If you've been the lucky recipient of one of our beautiful bouquets then our kraft paper makes great gift wrap and the gift boxes perfect storage boxes – especially if you upcycle them by wrapping them in pretty paper. Share the ways you're using our packaging over on Instagram - we'd love to see them! You can find out more about our eco-friendly flowers and packaging here.

Choose a plastic-free wreath


A gorgeous wreath crafted from real flowers and foliage is possibly the best way to spread a little festive cheer around the neighbourhood this Christmas. Choose one that’s made on a natural twig base or wire ring instead of the usual floral foam for eco-brownie points (that way the base can be used year after year without adding any extra plastic to landfill). You could even turn wreath-making into a yearly tradition for the family to enjoy. Check out our wreath-making tips for more inspiration.

Swap plastic decorations for natural delights


Who needs tired tinsel and plastic baubles when you can decorate with beautiful flowers instead? All it takes is a little winter foraging in your garden (or if you don’t have outdoor space ask a friend nicely to rummage in theirs) and soon you’ll have enough foliage to create your own garlands. We also love adding flower corsages to gifts instead of plastic bows and ribbons. Once Christmas is done and dusted, just pop your tired flowers on the compost heap - no need to fill up the black bin.

Create decorations that will last

In fact, you don’t necessarily need to abandon your natural decorations when Christmas comes to an end. You can turn them into lasting keepsakes by air drying them. Then all you need to do is get creative: frame them, pop them in baubles, use them on cards – the only limit is your imagination. Read our top tips for air drying to get started.


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