8 Steps to Keeping Your Valentine’s Day Roses Fresh

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Valentine’s Day is a time for romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts, and there are many people out there who consider red roses to be the ultimate symbol of love and affection. If you were lucky enough to be gifted with a beautiful bouquet of these stunning flowers, you’ll want to make sure they last as long as possible.

Follow these 8 simple steps and enjoy your wonderful Valentine’s Day roses for longer.

Step 1.

Clean your vase thoroughly to remove any bacteria – a quick wash with soapy water and a good rinse should do the trick.

Step 2

Next, fill your vase two thirds full with fresh water, add the flower food and stir gently.

Step 3.

Unwrap your roses from the packaging and protective wrap they were delivered in. If you’ve received a hand-tied bouquet, leave the florist’s tie in place to hold the shape of the design.

Step 4.

Be sure to remove any guard petals, which may have been left on to protect the delicate blooms on their journey to your vase.

Step 5.

The next step is to cut off about 2cm from the bottom of each stem, using a pair of sharp scissors or secateurs, cutting at a 45 degree angle.

Step 6.

Carefully remove any foliage from the stems or thorns which may sit below the waterline, as these can cause algae and bacteria to form.

Step 7.

Place your roses in their vase and display them away from direct sunlight, sources of heat, cooling vents or ripening fruit.

Step 8.

Check the water on a daily basis and top up when needed. Every 2-3 days, re-cut the rose stems and fill your vase with fresh water.


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