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Everyone knows the flower most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day is the red rose, but not all red roses are the same!

With over 90 years of expertise we know a thing or two about love. You can trust us to use only the finest quality of roses for your Valentine's Day bouquet.

We’ve carefully selected two very special red roses to feature in our Valentine’s Day collection – Freedom and Naomi.

Karen Barnes
Head of Floral Product Development

"The ultimate romantic flower, roses are a perfect choice of Valentine’s Day. With so many different varieties and colours to choose from, you can be confident you'll find the perfect rose for this very special day."

So what's the difference?

Freedom roses are our rose of choice for Valentine's Day and has been for several years now.

Quite simply, we love it, and we know that it will create that all-important wow-factor for your Valentine’s delivery.

This beautiful rose is a bright ruby red, has a generous head size and will proudly stand at least 60cm in height.
Naomi is a large-headed, long-stemmed rich red rose with a high petal count, meaning the appearance of the head is full and sumptuous, creating a dramatic look.

We’ve used the Naomi for some time in our Luxury and designer ranges and chose it for its gorgeous velvety appearance.
Whichever gift you choose from our Valentine’s Day collection, we’re certain your special someone will be head-over-heels with excitement when they receive that knock on the door.

And what’s more, we’ve vase-tested our Freedom and Naomi roses so you can be confident that they will continue looking beautiful for at least 7 days, that’s part of our Freshness Guarantee.
rose care tips
  • Cut approximately 2cm from the bottom of the stems, at an angle, and remove any foliage that will fall below the waterline.

  • Take a clean vase and fill it three quarters full with fresh cold water then add your flower food as directed on the packet.

  • Keep the vase topped up with water daily and remove any foliage that is in contact with water.

  • Every 2-3 days, re-cut the roses stems and replace the water completely.

  • Display your roses in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.