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White Poinsettia Hatbox Bundle

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White Poinsettia Hatbox Bundle
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Treat them to something a little more unusual this season with a striking white Poinsettia in our elegant hatbox hamper. Not only will they have a new plant pal, they'll also get a scrummy bar of white Montezuma's chocolate, a gorgeous white ceramic house ornament (so cute and festive) and a wild meadow scented candle.

Their poinsettia will be between 30 and 38cm.

> A white poinsettia likes bright, indirect light and a spot that's not draughty
> Keep it blooming by removing any dead or fading flowers and foliage

Anything else?
Poinsettias are irritating for the skin and eyes, and harmful if eaten – so keep it away from pets and little people.

We'll deliver their hatbox bundle for free and it'll arrive safe and sound thanks to our specially designed plant packaging.

Warning:- Do not leave burning candles unattended and always place on a protected surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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