I Forgot Their Birthday, But That’s OK.

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Oh no, you forgot their birthday, didn’t you? OK, don’t panic, life is busy, they’ll understand. We spend our days rushing around just trying to get by, how on earth are we expected to remember one day when there are 364 others in the year?

Shamefully, I cannot tell you how many times I have relied on Facebook to tell me when it is a friend’s birthday. It’s that last minute notification and as long as it’s before midnight, I’ve ticked a box, I’ve wished them a happy birthday. Sometimes, instead of posting on their wall, when I see the alert on Facebook, I’ll text them. Because that’s more personal, right?

When I was growing up, my mum had a little address book which doubled up as a birthday list. But it’s 2019 and I’m embracing the digital era in which I reside. Surrounded by technology – why would I need a book to remind me of those special dates? There are however several people who annoyingly don’t have their birthday for all to see on their profile. Now more often than not, these inconspicuous folks slip under my digital radar…and I don’t have a book.

My point in all of this is you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for forgetting a birthday, and the good news is, we’re here to make you feel better. Not only can we help by ensuring you send the most beautiful bouquet so that special someone will never know they slipped your mind, but we also wanted to let you know you’re not the only one to forget. Last February, almost 20% of people who sent birthday flowers through Interflora were in your boat. They ordered on the same day – and you can too if you order before 3pm.

Now picture this; one person in a group of five forgot. That’s huge. And to make you feel even better, one other person in that group forgot their anniversary. Awkward. So we go back to my statement about how busy life is and how we can’t possibly remember everything all the time!

You’re welcome. Now stop reading this and go make their day!

Yours faithfully,

Another very forgetful friend x


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