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Festive floral scents

18th September, 2023

As temperatures drop and the nights grow longer, there’s nothing cosier than getting home and tucking yourself away from the evening chill. Christmas time is when your home looks and smells its best, with a range of scented goods that bring festive cheer to your interiors. Some aromas instantly have us thinking of Christmas – particularly when it comes to floral scents. From pleasant pines to lush lavenders, we list the top flowers that are sure to bring that festive fragrance to your home.

Festive flowers to give your home a beautiful aroma

Christmas is much more than turkey, eggnog and boughs of holly. The real fun is decking your halls with festive decorations to create your own winter wonderland. Imagine red and gold tinsel entwined with flower garlands strategically draped over the mantlepiece. Or – if that sounds like too much effort – light a candle or two and enjoy the soft flickering glow (and gentle scent of your choice) all night long.

Festive flowers, while typically used in Christmas wreaths and other decorations, are often overlooked elsewhere. But when used correctly, they can become the centrepiece of your Christmas arrangement. Place them at focal points around the home and enjoy the sea of floral aromas derived from natural wintry beauty. Coupled with the festive scents of pine, cinnamon and peppermint, you can enjoy endless Christmas scents that effortlessly complement your decorations.

But it’s helpful to know which blooms are traditionally associated with the season. Once you’ve covered these, you’ll have a home that not only looks like Christmas but smells like Christmas too.






You can’t get more Christmassy than pine. Part of the evergreen family, the pine tree is a non-flowering plant that is coniferous, meaning they produce cone-bearing seed plants. Pine trees are the quintessential Christmas tree, historically used to celebrate winter festivals.

Pine carries a sharp, distinctive, arboreal smell. One whiff, and you’re instantly transported to the snowy woodlands on a chilly winter eve – making it one of the most popular Christmas scents. Thanks to its strong Christmas roots, you’ll often find pine featured in mantelpiece decorations, as part of a Christmas wreath or in a Christmas bouquet.


Lavender is fresh, floral and undeniably ethereal. As a genus of flowering plants in the mint family, lavender carries a unique floral scent that is loved all year long. The flower itself represents purity, grace and calmness, with a striking royal purple hue.

With its calming qualities, it’s no surprise that the soothing scent is used during the (sometimes) stressful holiday season. Whether it’s in the form of essential oils, candles or a fresh-cut bouquet, lavender can serve several purposes during the festive season. Decorate your space with fresh lavender and bring everlasting aromas to the home – maybe then you can sleep in heavenly peace.


Contrary to popular belief, the remarkable red rose isn’t just for romantic occasions. In fact, this flower stands out as a staple of the Christmas bouquet. Its vivid red tones perfectly match the traditional seasonal colours to give bouquets a festive look and feel.

But you can’t enjoy Christmas without the festive fragrance of a rose. Picture yourself roasting marshmallows on an open fire; you’d probably pick up notes of vine, moss, fruit and boxwoods. That’s exactly what roses smell like – your own wooded haven of festive scents. Bring the evocative smell indoors and let the one-of-a-kind scent fill the air.


With its name originating from the Greek language meaning ‘flower of rain’, the hyacinth is the perfect festive flower. Although it’s spring hardy, this pretty perennial is commonly used during Christmas time. Popular for its wide range of colours, it’s also renowned for its delightful floral scents.

Similar to roses, each colour has a unique aroma, but they’re all extremely fragrant. Lilac hyacinths are well known for their delicate floral fragrance with sweet and powdery balsamic notes. Think mulled wine paired with beef steak on a snowy Christmas eve – that’s the very essence of the hyacinth.

Paperwhite narcissus

As one of the few species known as paperwhite, this delicate indoor plant makes a great Christmas gift. Not only are they easy to grow, but they are also an incredibly pretty flower – shining a dewy snow white.

Beyond its stark appearance, this blossom has a pleasing fragrance. Paperwhites are known for their sweet yet musky smell that’s reminiscent of snow drops on wet earth (or at least that’s what we’ve heard!). Such a ripe floral scent can only be fitting for Christmas.


How to use floral scents in your home

When it comes to decorating with flowers, the possibilities are endless. You may already have a fir Christmas tree wrapped in tinsel and some fairy lights on the mantlepiece – however, flowers can really tie everything together. The best part is they carry wonderful floral scents that are sure to put a smile on any face.

Consider using pine as part of a wreath embellished with natural gilded accents. Paired with cinnamon-scented pine cones and berries, this could create a rustic piece radiating warmth and joy. Similarly, roses make the perfect table centrepiece in a bountiful bouquet to bring a pop of colour to your Christmas setup. Rosy aromas travel far, so you’ll need to make sure they’re placed in the centre of the room.

Meanwhile, hyacinths pair well with lofty daffodils – namely paperwhites – to create a dynamic bouquet filled with balsamic and sweet festive scents. These look beautiful in a medium-sized glass vase rested on the mantlepiece, accompanied by some candles to brighten the space further.

Although Christmas is a visual holiday, with an abundance of bright colours and twinkling lights, it’s also a holiday of wintry scents that can uplift any room. Even when the turkey and figgy pudding are gone, you can keep the Christmas scents going with our favourite floral picks. Whether they’re in garlands, wreaths, arrangements or sprays, these powerful festive scents will permeate the room and brighten your mood.

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